What a Margin Calculator has to Offer?


One of the main benefits of Zerodha is it is equipped with a margin calculator. In fact it among the simplest players in the market. Just you have to undertake a research about the specific product from the various options available. With a margin calculator zero, you would gain access to all margin multiples; this includes span margin, expiry date and a lot more. Let us now flip through the product basket of the company

Equity intraday margin calculator

  • An intraday product as the name suggests are products mainly brought for a single day as Zerodha equity MIS is a type of product.
  • The call or trade charges become applicable, if the team closes out your options. So it is better if you close it before the stipulated time
  • Nearly 20 X margin is provided by MIS

Equity delivery margin calculator

  • Once you are planning to trade with equity delivery you can opt for Zerodha cash and carry that is a NCC option.
  • Once you buy the shares your demat account would be updated. At the same time once you sell the shares it would be deducted from your account
  • Since it provides free delivery trading so the rate of brokerage is zero and the margin is 1X

The BO and CO margin calculator

  • If you feel that cover order or bracket order options are beneficial then against your anticipated trade you can set a stop loss
  • Once you do so you save from heavy losses or risk mitigation even if there is a drastic drop in the market patterns
  • At the end you might end up with a minimum loss that could work out to be beneficial and one of the effective ways to survive in the world of broking
  • The company of Zerodha provides BO and CO margin calculator between 6 to 20 times In case of such orders you are allowed to close the positions manually. In case if you fail to close the orders automatically it gets converted to carry forward cash
  • You have to be prepared with enough cash at your end as the position will be closed with manual square without the need of any margin call

To sum it up whether you are performing any sort of trade whichever segment it works out to be you have to avail the option of a margin calculator. A notable feature about the margin calculator of Zerodha is it is clear particularly in terms of values as well as margins spread across each trading segment. In fact the range of margin is between 3 to 20 times but as far as delivery segment is concerned no margin exists.

Once a trader exercises an option of margin calculator they are able to balance in their trading account which is based on market values. You can opt for auto square off position so that you are able to safeguard the losses.

These are some of the major benefits of margin calculator that you might find it difficult to avoid.


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