How to Make Sure Your Laser Printer Lasts Longer


In this day and age printers are engineered to last. This is a reality, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to work to maintain it properly. Although you don’t need to dedicate many hours to maintaining your printer, taking a bit of care will make your printer go a long way.

Regardless of whether you have a standard model or a high-end office model. You’re able to increase the chances of keeping it longer if you take good care of it. The tips below will certainly help you out.

Ensure you clean your printer often

Nearly all printers have automated cleaning functionalities. This helps to keep the interior of the printer clean. As the owner, you should certainly prefer to utilize this functionality regularly. But you should plan and certainly do more.

To actively do this, you should buy printer cleaning kits for laser printers and other models. These kits are available for purchase in local shops and also online. The best kits include cleaning wipes, lens covers, lubricants for printer rollers, rods, and movable components. Keeping these kits on hand and putting them to use often will keep your printer in tip-top shape.

During your cleaning process, ensure you zone into the printer head. A neglected print head can certainly shorten the life duration of a printer. In inkjet printers, for instance, the nozzle is the place where ink is dispensed.

This means, therefore, this is the location that needs regular cleaning. Because those nozzles can build layers of past ink. If you clean them often, worrying about low-quality copies or clogged nozzles will be history.


Although contemporary printers are designed to last long. They must be stored properly when they are not used. You must never own a printer without owning a quality cover for the printer. Always turn your printer off before putting your printer in the cover for storage. Unplug it, once it’s turned off.

In addition to turning it off, you may prefer to unplug its cables also. This rule does not apply to wireless units. Either way, before you cover it, use a wipe to get rid of any debris or dust. Make sure to fold up its tray so that it becomes compact. Even though this may appear to be a lot of work, your printer will thank you for it later.

When moving the printer, be careful

Don’t move the printer unless you have to. Whenever you try to move it, make sure you remove the cords, plugs, and cables before you do. Because if you don’t they can get hooked to something and this can cause permanent damage to your printer.

Use plain paper

The paper you utilize in your printer should be completely pristine. This is important because it’s going to journey through your printer and make contact with the most sensitive functionalities in your printer.

If your paper is dirty, the remains of that dirt can be transferred to the printer’s innermost parts. Which can cause all kinds of issues. So make sure you don’t open a new paper ream unless you’re certain you are going to use it. Put your paper in a cool dry place where you are certain dust or debris won’t get it.

The tips above apply to all kinds of printers. If you own a sophisticated or expensive model. You must surrender the cleaning job to professionals now and again. You will pay a small service fee, but this amount will be a return on your investment as your printer will last long. If you’re able to look after your printer, it will certainly stand the test of time.


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