How to Make Your Own Funeral Plans


Are you suffering from a long-term condition? Do you want to alleviate some of the sufferings from your next of kin? Well, you can make your own funeral plans early enough to make things easier for them. Here are some useful tips to help you make your own funeral plans.

Do The Necessary Paperwork

Once you have passed on, you need someone to be in charge of your funeral. That’s why you need to do the necessary paperwork beforehand. You can choose your spouse, children, parents, or siblings to honour your wishes. These are legal documents that should be followed upon your death.

Make sure the documents are stored somewhere accessible upon your passing. Of course, you need to make sure the designated person is aware of your wishes and willing to take on your funeral arrangements before you choose them.

Choose The Right Funeral Option For You

Remember, the main reason for doing the funeral plan this early is to make things easier for your family. Therefore, you need to contact a trusted funeral director, like Premier Funerals, and consider funeral options as early as possible. Basically, you need to decide what happens to your body once you have passed on. Here are the three options available to you.

  • Burial – It’s one of the expensive funeral options because you need to purchase a burial plot or vault. On the other hand, you should be prepared to pay for a lifetime upkeep fee for the burial vault or plot. Don’t forget about the embalming and other funeral home costs that need to be paid. You should choose this option if you have enough money for it.
  • Cremation – It has become one of the most popular funeral options because it is cheaper than the burial option. Here, your body will be burned, and the remains will be returned to your family. There’s a lot of flexibility with this option because there is no decomposing body. The cremated remains are easy to scatter, bury, or keep depending on your loved ones’ preferences.
  • Donation – It’s also another option to choose, but most people are always confused by it. That’s because there are many options to choose when it comes to where your body will end up. For instance, you can donate your body to a local medical school for anatomy lessons. Keep in mind that some medical schools hold memorial services for their body donors so you will be in luck.

Weigh all the options and do your research to choose the one that appeals to you.

Inform Your Loved Ones About Your Funeral Wishes

Of course, this will be a very tough conversation since no one likes talking about this. Make sure you have this conversation before you have passed on. Imagine how difficult it will be for your family to discuss the funeral with a complete stranger if you don’t do it now. You need to inform them about your funeral choices and options. That way, they are completely prepared for whatever happens once you pass on. The key here is preparation, so you need to do it properly.


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