Everything You Need to Know About Lumbar Pillow for Chair


How much do you know about lumbar pillows for chairs? Other than that, they help with lower back pain and neck by supporting your spine on its natural curvature. There is much information you should get before you get yours. Do you want to find out? Read more.

Who needs Lumbar Pillows?

Lumbar pillows are essential if you have a spine injury or work for long in a sitting position. Drivers who drive for long also need these pillows to help them with supporting their backs.

Do lumbar pillows for chair work?

Good pillows such as Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow have proven to work. If you work in a hunched position, you are bound to develop sore neck muscles and back pain. With the use of these support pillows, you will give your body a good position which in return helps with posture and pain.

How to position the support pillow on a chair

When positioning this pillow, you should be cautious of where you put it. It will make you lean forward, making you exhausted if too high. The high height will also cause pressure on the neck, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, rendering it pointless to use. If you place it too low, it will force you to extend your back, worsening your pain. A good pillow essential as a back cushion needs perfect positioning.

So, which position is best? It would be best if you positioned your pillow such that when you sit, the support is vertical across the chair’s back, and this position will make it a flush against your seat’s lower back.

What are the available sizes?

When buying a support pillow, it would be best to check the good size for you. While at it, getting the support pillow with the right thickness is also important. But which are the available sizes and thicknesses?

These pillows come in sizes varying from the standard of around 14 by 22 inches to 60 inches in length. Thickness-wise, the standard thickness of an effective support pillow is 4 inches at the center. It would be best to know that choosing a needlessly thick pillow can worsen your pain.

What kind of chairs can you put on a Lumbar Pillow?

Manufacturers make lumbar pillows to support your back, regardless of the seat, you are using. You can use them in an office chair, car seats, or plane seats. These pillows come with adjustable straps that make them versatile in different chair types. Some couches also come designed to accommodate support, like a back cushionIt would be best to consult the manufacturer to know which one is best when buying.

Lumbar pillows are common, but you must get everything right for them to help you, from the size and thickness to positioning. If you want to experience the benefits of using these pillows, use this article to help you understand better how to buy the right size or thickness and position it right on your chair.


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