Live In vs Live Out During A Home Renovation


Renovations are a great way to add value to the home. The problem with getting them done is figuring out your living situation. If the project is big, then you may have to move out for a while. If it is small then you have to adapt to the work being done while living there.

It’s not an easy equation to figure out so it isn’t like there is a right or wrong way to go about things. In this article, we will go over what your best option is for when you decide to take on some home renovations.

Should you move out?

No matter the size of the renovation, living with the chaos is not easy. It’s loud and it’s dirty everywhere. In some cases, your life is totally upended and it can last for weeks or more. It’s also more complicated for the builders when there are people living in the home so it can cause some delays if you decide to stick around.

There is a very good case to be made for getting out of the house while the renovations are happening. In fact, for some, they may be a must. For example, if you will be without a kitchen or bathroom for a while then this is not going to be a livable situation. If you live in a house without a kitchen then eating out for every meal is likely to be your only option. Most people don’t have an outdoor kitchen they could use.

No bathroom at all poses a lot of logistical challenges that really can’t be overcome. Your best option is to find alternative accommodations. If you’re lucky and the work won’t take too long maybe you could stay with a relative or friend.

Work that looks like it will take over a month makes staying in a short-term rental like these furnished apartments Mississauga has to offer so it can be like a home away from home.

This way you will have a comfortable place to live and function while the work is being done. They have full kitchens and modern bathrooms so you won’t sacrifice your standard of living while you wait for the renovations to be done.

Should you stay?

Having access to a bathroom and kitchen allows you the option to stay in the house while the renovations are happening. Ask your contractor if it’s possible to seal off certain areas of the home where the renovations are happening. This will allow you some sense of normalcy while the work is going on. Though you will still have a lot of dust and dirt it will also be kept to a minimum.

There also need to be some ground rules set for the people coming in and out. For instance, have a separate entrance that they are only allowed to use. If they are coming and going through multiple entrances then it creates too much chaos. Privacy should also be maintained so have some off-limits areas of the house.


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