10 Life Hacks to Write Essays Fast


What can a student wish for if he has no issues with completing a successful college essay? Those, who address writing services on a regular basis, believe there’s nothing to desire, but what about knowing the lifehacks to write your essays fast and professionally? The problem is that the research itself takes too much time. But as all the information is gathered and organized, a question remains: how to do the written part within hours?

Which of the lifehacks do you follow? Or maybe you have your own tricks. Anyway, the below-mentioned ones will be useful too, especially when you are in short of time.

Lifehack #1: Switch off your phone

Forget about your phone for a few hours at least. It is full of distracters like social networks and various messengers. YouTube and Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp won’t go anywhere. Sit in a quiet place and put your mobile phone aside, force yourself to work on your written assignment and you will notice that without distraction the work is going much faster.

Lifehack #2 : Make a plan to organize your thoughts

Work on your essay plan. This is the easiest solution for organizing your thoughts and ideas as well as key points that should take place in your essay. But remember that your plan shouldn’t be overfilled with details — just key phrases that will lead to the solution. How much time a day do you have for your written assignment? Spend 5 % of it creating your plan.

Lifehack #3 : Start with a quote.

A good quote must be regarded not only as an option for a successful start but also your own inspiration pill. Expert writers agree to the idea that the quote should be a killer one to give the purpose and credibility to the text, provide some ideas and leave a place for a conclusion. A quote normally helps give a purpose while you are writing or editing the piece. But remember that a single successful quote is normally enough. Don’t overload your essay with the words of others, no matter how good they are. You should use word count tool to count words of essay.

Lifehack #4 : Go with the Pomodoro technique.

What is a Pomodoro technique? FYI, it is a way of time management that allows breaking the work time into bursts of 25 minutes. You work for 25 minutes and then have a 5-minute break. While having some rest you need to stretch your legs, drink some tea or milk, breathe fresh air, and refuse from distracters. And then you can get back to another 25-minute burst.

Lifehack #5 : Type instead of handwriting.

The reason for that is quite clear: you type faster than you write. But the benefits aren’t just about that. In addition, you can edit while typing, change the letters, words, sentences, and notions without a chance to get puzzled later. Besides, reading a well-typed document is easier for your teacher as well. Consider typing a sort of bonus and a time-saving technique.

Lifehack #6 : Save the introduction and conclusion parts for last.

It all starts with the introduction, why should you leave it behind then? These are usually the toughest parts of any written assignment. It is easier to deal with the body. Besides, as you finish with the body, writing an introduction is way simpler because you have a clue of things included in the main paragraph, thus you write a short abstract presenting the argument of your essay. As the problem is solved, writing a conclusion won’t take up much time either.

Lifehack #7 : Add references while writing.

Adding references is a true nightmare for any student. How can one arrange all the used sources into one list? Do it while typing. While doing it at the same time, you reduce the number of hours spend on the assignment. Remember to add in a footnote mentioning where the quote that you have just used is from. Copy the details of the book and paste them into your bibliography list that is at the very end of the document.

Lifehack #8 : Proofread while writing.

One may say it is easier to deal with essential references while you are typing but it is hardly the same with proofreading. Right on the contrary! Finish a paragraph and check each word and sentence for spelling and grammar mistakes as well as possible typos. After finishing writing you will do just a quick read through the work instead of checking in for hours. Try this way at least once and you will see how much time you save.

Lifehack #9 : Take a breath.

Take a breath. This time, not a 5-minute one! If you have a few days in spare, rest for a few hours at least. This will allow you working more efficiently, you will be less exhausted, and your productivity level will be much higher.

Lifehack #10 : Keep the style concise.

Make sure your style is concise: let the sentences be short but informative, provide conveys of what your essay intends to say. Being economical with words and their combinations will allow expressing more precisely within a short period of time.

No need to hide, things depend on the essay topic, too. But, these life hacks are rather general and may be helpful with many different essays on various disciplines. We wish you good luck and a great time economy while typing.


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