Know Your Rights In A Personal Injury Claim


Being the victim of a personal injury that resulted from negligence, such as road traffic accident you likely have grounds to file a claim to recover your damages. However, it is initially vital to be fully aware of your rights to be able to anticipate a positive outcome. While you should rather rely on the professional assistance of a personal injury attorney to better manage the result of your claim, there are also certain things that you should know before starting the process.

What Damages Can Be Recovered

In order to determine the value of the personal injury claim the damages you endured as a result of the accident will all be taken into consideration. It is undeniably crucial to your claim to have a detailed record of every cost incurred from the accident, such as proof of lost wages and medical receipts. Damages can be both punitive and compensatory. While the monetary costs of the accident refer to compensatory damages such as lost wages and medical bills the punitive damages refer to the legal implications that will be enforced on the responsible party as a result of their role in your suffering. In situations where punitive damages are assigned in a personal injury claim usually, your case will need to go to trial where a judge will be able to determine the consequences of the responsible party.

The Vital Role Of An Attorney

Even though there have been instances where victims of personal injuries have been able to handle their claim successfully, it would be far wiser to avoid the realistic risk of putting your claim in jeopardy. The legalities surrounding your personal injury claim may not be within your field of expertise or understanding, and if your case does go to trial, you may not be able to manage your evidence and confront the defense who will likely have legal representation.

Furthermore, you should rather consider the benefits of hiring an attorney considering you may not be fully aware of your damages, which would result in an unfair compensation payout. Consulting a dedicated personal injury attorney through Padua Law Firm is potentially a decision that will ensure a positive outcome.

Recovering Legal Costs

One of the most common reasons victims of personal injuries and various other legal situations avoid legal assistance is simply due to the misinformed belief that legal aid will set them back financially. However, the uninformed decision often puts victims in jeopardy of being unfairly treated throughout the process of filing for a claim and seeking compensation. In the event that you consult a professional attorney to handle your case for you, you will be able to recover the costs as part of your damages in your final settlement. As legal assistance will realistically not cost you anything at the end of the day as these are considered costs that resulted from the accident. Considering you will be able to recover these costs, there is really no reason why you should endure the claim without the help of a professional.


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