Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer


Securing damages for your injuries after a car accident can be very challenging. You may require hiring an experienced car accident lawyer from GeorgiaAutoLaw.com to represent your interests in settlement negotiations with an insurance company. Remember that it’s not a good idea to file a car accident lawsuit without a lawyer’s opinion.

Before hiring a car accident lawyer, there are some things you need to consider. Your attorney should be a partner you need to work closely with. This is the reason why you need to hire someone you are comfortable with. That said, it’s crucial to ask your lawyer how they plan to handle your case. This post explains everything you need to know before hiring an auto accident lawyer.

Handling your case

It’s necessary to ask your personal injury lawyer about the period it usually takes to tackle a case like yours. Several factors can determine the period required to handle your case, but experienced attorneys can sometimes give you a rough estimate. So make sure that your attorney is committed to resolving your case as fast as they are under the circumstances.

Besides, some attorneys prefer to take many cases at once. As a result, this tends to delay the cases because they usually focus on signing up more clients without completing the cases at hand. You should ask potential lawyers the time they have to focus on your case now.

Before choosing a car accident attorney, be sure you can understand the part you are going to play in the case. Some people prefer to be more involved in their lawsuits, attending to sworn testimony in court, and many others. While some attorneys allow this, others do not. Others prefer to let their attorneys resolve the case without getting themselves involved. Above all, it’s important to maintain a good relationship between you and your auto accident lawyer.

Ask for references

Do not hesitate to ask your car accident attorney for references. The lawyer should be able to give you contact references for one or two satisfied past clients. You can then ask these clients about their experiences working with the car accident attorney. Alternatively, you can check for testimonies on the attorney’s website. It’s worth noting that testimonies come from the previous clients of the attorney.

Most car accident attorneys can sometimes use a contingency fee. This means that you will not pay the cost until you get the compensation in your case. If you get your compensation, your attorney can calculate a certain percentage as a fee, and this is usually between 25% and 40%. You should be sure of your lawyer’s qualifications. A qualified attorney can give you peace of mind knowing that they can resolve your case easily.

There are some auto accident attorneys who may ask you to pay for any case-related cost in addition to the contingency fee. Hence, you need to know how much of these costs you’re required to pay before hiring an attorney.


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