5 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Laser Hair Removal


There are chances that you already heard about laser hair removal through some channel or by your friend. Not only women but men also prefer to undergo this treatment due to various reasons.

So if you or someone you know considering permanent laser hair removal, then you need to know some facts that you may never knew about this process and the related results:

1Time Taken In Removing Body Hair Depends on the Body Area

Laser hair removal will take 10 minutes only when it comes to a smaller area like bikini line or armpits. While it may take longer sessions for, let’s say, full legs.

You have to go regularly, every four to six weeks to see permanent visible results. However, the laser treatment kills off about 10% of the hair follicles each appointment, so eventually; you will only need to go for touch up.

It also depends on person to person; however, a qualified laser hair removal specialist can evaluate carefully keeping in mind the treatment intervals, and the number of laser sessions needs.

2It Is Common Nowadays Which Makes It Less Expensive

When the laser hair removal was first introduced back then, it was very costly. But, now it is a lot more common, prices are a lot reasonable than before. However, this depends on the size of the treated area and at what place you are going for the treatment.

For instance, getting both your arms treated will cost you higher than doing your armpits. As laser hair removal is permanent after a fixed number of appointments, it is worth the price if it is within your budget,¬†especially if you’re choosing at home laser hair removal machines.

3Less Painful Than You Imagine

The pain is natural when imagine going for any physical treatment. When it comes to laser hair removal, it will be wrong to say that there will be no pain. No matter how expert the person is to do waxing, it hurts on some level. But, laser hair removal is less painful than wax.

You may not enjoy the process, but one thing is certain that the pain will be half of the pain in waxing. So, it is a great option if it suits your budget. Like the name, a laser machine uses a wavelength of light to detect and destroy hair follicles.

4It is a Myth That It Only Works on Certain People

Many people still think that laser treatment only works for certain people. They also believe that laser treatments depend upon the skin complexion and hair color of that person.

 It is all a myth! It was true fact back then to some extent, but now the technology is more advanced, the latest lasers can detect the hair follicle of dark skin and blonde hair as well.

Another crucial thing to remember is to disclose any medications you are taking before proceeding for the treatment.

There is a very popular myth regarding facial hair removal using laser treatment. So, you will be happy to know that you can get rid of signs of aging by choosing this treatment under professional guidance.

5The Technique is Not a Get-In-Get-Out Process

On average between 10-20% of the hairs will be treated in each session as each hair will be in a different part of the cycle. After that, the treatment should be repeated every 6-8 weeks to target the next cycle of hairs. This is the reason that the number of treatments a person requires depends on the person’s response.


Now that you have all the information that you may not know before, it will be easy for you to decide what measures you have to take when experiencing laser hair removal.


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