A Beginners Guide To Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer


With personal injury claims getting rejected more often than before, you need to think of a solution that’s effective. Something that will help you keep your savings intact and let your insurance pay for such injuries.

A good personal injury lawyer can be your answer to this problem. Here are some guidelines you should consider while searching for a personal injury lawyer:

#1. Referral Search

Start by asking your friends and colleagues for references of attorneys. Once you have a list of law firms and attorneys that can help you with your case, start listing them down. Best to worst as per online reviews. This will narrow down your search and help you find a good attorney.

#2. Area of expertise

Know that all attorneys will not have the same expertise. You need someone who practices ‘tort law’ and is aware of the state laws that vary from state-to-state.

#3. Experience matters

Experience matters as you want your case to be strong enough to stand. Hence, ensure that your lawyer has enough experience in the particular field. Find out the number of years he or she has spent handling personal injury cases. This will determine whether he/she will be able to handle your claim.

#4. Credentials

Searching for your lawyer’s credentials refers to their acumen and education. While searching for your ideal lawyer, you should consider factors like his law education, skills, and background.

#5. Affordability

As lawyers don’t come cheap you should consider getting one based on the claim’s seriousness. Lawyers usually charge by the hour for small and medium claims.

#6. Seriousness

Your lawyer has to be serious about the case regardless of whether it is big or not. If you find that your prospective lawyer has a record of discriminating and ranking cases, he is definitely not the one.

#7. Result orientation

Check if your prospective lawyer is result oriented. Find their past work history. Check the ratio of cases they have won to the cases lost. This will give you a clear picture of whether your lawyer is competent. A competent lawyer will look forward to getting your claim approved and that too, quickly.

Remember, a good lawyer will increase your chances of getting justice in the form of claim approval or a hefty compensation. Hence, choosing the right one is really important.

Follow the above guidelines and you will surely get the right attorney.



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