Healthy Habits for Spring Season


The spring season is a time for you and your family to get a new beginning, so how about making a few healthy changes. The weather is slowly warming up; our energy levels are rising as we don’t need to be cooped up in the house because of the cold weather. It is the perfect motivation package to start a new healthy habit. Below are a few ideas on how to channel this extra energy.

1Start a routine of waking early and exercising.

As the mornings are getting much warmer, why not wake up early and watch the sunrise, and while at it do some exercise. A good training before starting your day activates those good happy hormones running through your body. You can start slow like walking your dog for 20 minutes then slowly increasing the distance and time.

2A healthy breakfast is needed after a good workout.

 Exercising and having a good healthy breakfast is the best way to kick start your day. Instead of having the usual to-go cup of coffee with a simple breakfast sandwich, why not change it up with a grapefruit and a bowl of oatmeal.

3How about a balanced diet while you’re at it?

With our fast-paced world, we don’t allocate enough time to prepare a healthy meal, let alone have time to consume one. Don’t confuse a healthy balanced diet as eating a bowl of salad every lunchtime, or having a tasteless meal at the end of a busy day. There are several healthy recipes that you can explore, food that will make you excited about the next meal without having to consume much of your time while preparing.

4Have a glass of water, or eight, with a squeeze of lemon

Do you reach the recommended intake of 64 ounces of water each day? Your body needs to stay hydrated throughout the day to give you the best performance. And if you are planning to lose weight, a glass of water is a good appetite suppressant. To change it up and keep you hydrated add some lemon to give it some flavour.

5Other than eating healthy, try some no phone goals.

If you spend several hours on your phone, you will notice most notifications coming during your screen time; it is an immediate reminder that you are spending too much time on your phone. As the sun is getting out warming up the city, how about setting better goals for your screen time. Get some face to face meetings and skip the messenger chats, there better ways to spend your springtime than glued to your phone.

6Get into some family fun.

After being cooped up in the house during those cold months, how about getting your children enrolled in fun activities. It can be a whole family affair, activities like boxing, some rock climbing, anything to get you outside the house. You can keep your family fit and healthy and find new ways of bonding.

7Ensure to create some ‘me’ time 

Getting into an exercise routine, eating healthy, bonding with family and friends and balancing work while at it, we tend to forget about ourselves. Probably the only self-care you do is ensuring you are adequately hydrated and had at least one healthy meal a day. If this is your current situation, then it is essential to create some time for yourself. Take that break when you need, read that book you have been postponing, and try to relax. Probably also throw in some therapeutic shopping.


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