5 Health Benefits of Standing Desk Mats


Using a standing desk can reduce your chances of weight gain, decrease your blood sugar levels, eliminate your risk of heart disease, and keep back pain away. That’s why many employers are giving their workers the option to put these desks in their office

A lot of employees still spend much of their shift sitting anyway. This is because standing can be as painful on the back and legs as long periods of sitting.

The hard floor under your feet reduces blood circulation and adds compression. Using standing desk mats can help. Check out this guide to learn the health benefits of these ergonomic devices.


While you’re standing on the hard floor, it causes compression in your feet, joints, and spine. Soft surfaces don’t help matters either. Your feet will sink right through them, so you’ll feel the hard floor anyway.

Anti-fatigue mats are a good mix between hard and squishy. They provide plenty of support to keep the compression strain off your body.

2Better Circulation

When compression occurs, your muscles tighten up. This restricts blood flow throughout your body, which causes your heart to work harder than it should.

As you can imagine, it will lead to health problems down the line unless you invest in ergonomic standing desk mats. They reduce compression and in doing so, allow for better circulation.

3Reduced Knee Strain

The longer you stand, the more pressure you put on your poor knee joints. They put in a lot of work to support your weight and handle the compression you’re putting them under.

By standing on a desk mat while you work, you’ll reduce compression throughout your body and take some of the strain off your knees.

4You’ll Sit Less and Be More Productive

Many workers end up spending most of their shift sitting instead of using their standing desks. This is because standing for long periods of time on a hard surface isn’t comfortable.

One of the biggest anti-fatigue mat benefits is comfort. Having the right product will allow you to enjoy standing more often. When you’re not spending as much time switching between standing and sitting, you’ll be more productive.

5You’ll Build Strength in Your Core

Believe it or not, our bodies are made for standing more than sitting. By using a standing desk, it allows you to flex your core muscles and use your spine the way you’re meant to.

The problem is that being on a hardwood office floor can do more damage to your spine than not. This means you won’t be able to reap the proper benefits unless you use a mat.

Standing Desk Mats Mean Better Health 

Many office employers have begun providing their workers with standing desks. Using them keeps backaches and common diseases associated with sitting all day away. This means fewer sick days and more productivity.

Without standing desk mats, employees will be less inclined to use the desks, however. Standing all day on a hard floor can hurt as much as sitting. Increase your health and productivity by picking one up today.

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