What Happens When A Roof Flashing Fails?


Flashing is one of the most delicate parts of your roof which is quite prone to cracks and leakages. It is made of the high-quality material which is used to protect the roof. It also serves the purpose of directing the water away from the home. But when a roof flashing fails or deteriorates, it leads to many severe problems and damages.

Here a few of problems or issues mentioned which happen when a flashing ends up failing unfortunately.


Failing of flashing can end up as rusting of your entire roof or home. It would get severe if you don’t address this problem at its earlier stages. You need to instantly treat the affected area with the primer and paint to avoid any further damage. Otherwise, it would result in weakening the structure and foundation of your home.

Falls& Injuries

When the flashing of a roof is not functioning properly, the chances of someone falling off the roof and getting injured are quite high. You need to be very conscious and alert for such situations and avoid climbing or walking on your roof without taking any safety precautions.

In such critical situations, it is recommended to take help from the professional roofing contractors Ann Arbor to carry out the proper roof repair since they are trained to deal with the situation safely and effectively.

Cracked Shingles

The shingles around the flashing would also start cracking or wearing off after the flashing fails. You need to immediately detect the cracked shingles to seal or replace them. Otherwise, it may cause to affect or break the remaining roofing shingles as well. Once the problem goes out of your hands, you would end up with a deteriorated and weak roof structure.

Broken Chimneys

Since flashing and chimneys are interconnected, when one gets fail so does the other. It happens quite rapidly so it needs to be detected and stopped. Otherwise, you may end up facing a lot of temperature fluctuations which would make you want to leave your home at once.


It is one of the most dangerous side effects of the failure of a roof flashing. Since the sealants and paints would start wearing off, there would be a lot of cracks and weak spots on your roof. If you are unable to detect the problem earlier, you would notice the water dripping off your roof causing interior property damage.

Attic & Ventilation

The deterioration of flashing also ends up causing leaks in the attic or ventilation. It would make the inner wooden frame unable to protect the structural integrity of your roof. The only possible solution you would have by that time is to take help from the experts to help you solve the issue instantly.

So, it is obvious that flashing is the most fragile part of your roof which needs to be maintained properly to avoid any expensive repairs in the long run. It is also advisable to get your roof inspected at least twice a year to assess the condition of such delicate elements of the roof.


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