Go Green: 3 Good Reasons to Switch to Solar Energy


If we were to ask you: “What is the first thing you should do if you wanted to go green?” We bet that you would think about switching to renewable energy. In particular, you might be considering solar power.

And that would be a great choice: amongst the various energy options, solar is one of the best, for many reasons. Are you interested in learning more about it?

Then, our article right here is about to show you our top three reasons why going green with solar is a great idea. Are you ready to save energy?


It’s no surprise: solar power is one of the most sustainable forms of renewable energy currently on the planet. How sustainable? Let’s take a look at some figures.

One single solar panel can help you to eliminate as many as four tons of carbon emissions per year. This, in turn, equals planting over 100 trees a year. Pretty impressive, right?

2Property Value

We bet you hadn’t thought about this, but solar power can also increment the value of your property. Aside from the fact that most modern solar panels feature sleek, beautiful design and contribute to upping your property s curb appeal, they are also one of the most coveted features for many homebuyers.

Eco-savvy buyers are willing to pay more for a house with a solar power system. And even though you might not want to sell your home right now, this trend will likely continue in future years, so it’s good to keep it in mind.

3Government Support

Installing solar panels used to be seen as a very expensive way to become more eco-friendly. And while, of course, solar panels are not cheap, it’s also true that they are not as unattainably pricey, either.

Why? Thanks to tax rebates and government help. For example, on a federal level, homeowners can take advantage of the so-called ITC.

This stands for “Investment Tax Credit”, and is a very popular type of tax relief that deducts 26% of your total solar system installation cost from your taxable federal income. But there’s more.

Other types of financial support towards solar panel installation can be offered on both a state and a regional level.

Just do a thorough online search and you will find out all the available options near you. And once you have found them, search for “solar company near me” and contact them right away to proceed with the installation of your new solar panels.

Want to Go Green? Start by Going Solar!

If you are planning to go green this year, then installing solar panels is a great move to a more sustainable lifestyle.

From lower expenses to eco-friendliness and higher home value, the benefits of going solar make this choice a real no-brainer.

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