So You’re Getting Divorced: What Do You Do Now?


Ending a marriage is never easy, even when it’s the right decision. Sometimes people get married for the wrong reasons, or people or their circumstances change, and a once happy and safe relationship sours.

It can be an overwhelming feeling, yet you need to rally yourself because the steps taken after agreeing to a divorce will impact your life and your children for years. If you’re in the very first stages of divorce, here are a few things you must do.

Stay Healthy and Level-Headed

The very first thing you need to do is control your emotions, which is easier said than done. Every relationship is different, so there’s no predicting how you may feel right now.

There also isn’t only one way to feel. You may be swinging from anger to sadness, or guilt to relief. Divorce is very different for couples with children, as they’re not the only ones impacted.

The main thing is to allow yourself time to process your feelings without partaking in destructive habits, like consuming too much alcohol, binge eating or slacking in your ordinary routines. If you feel an urge to wallow in self-pity, try to fight it!

Get Professional, Holistic Legal Representation

Having a professional legal expert get your back in the early stages of a divorce is crucial. It’s a mentally overwhelming time, and they will navigate legal complexities you probably don’t have the emotional bandwidth or expertise to solve yourself.

Relationships are one of the most meaningful things in life, whether that’s between friends, parents, and spouses. Divorces can strain or damage relationships, and not just between the two people getting divorced.

The holistic lawyers at Tailor Law advocate for more than just maximizing your asset split and parenting rights. They see the larger picture, that the best scenario possible is one where your rights are fully represented but without burning bridges or putting a bad taste in anybody’s mouth.

Divorces can be messy, but professional divorce lawyers with a holistic bent help things go cleanly, smoothly, and quickly.

Kids Come First

When couples with children together get divorced, they must prioritize the kids. This means never fighting in their presence, no matter how angry a situation may make you.

Children, even teenagers, are like sponges. Their expectations and understanding of relationships will be formed largely by what they see in youth. Their own parents have an outsized role in this, as that’s what they see up close and all the time.

Hopefully, if they’ve fallen out of love, the people getting divorced have enough mutual respect for their ex to make an amicable separation possible or even easy. You can’t control the person you’re divorcing, just your own actions.

Even when things get messy or heated, remember you need to plan for moving forward after the divorce that takes the kid’s best interests at heart. They’ll be eternally grateful you were there for them at this moment.

Divorce is a new phase of life.One people don’t necessarily expect to ever be in. It may come as a surprise or be difficult to process. If you feel confused or overwhelmed, remember to look after your mental and physical health, cover all your legal bases and prioritize your children.


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