5 Reasons Why You Should Get Serious with Your Printed Materials


Who doesn’t know today most of the business nowadays do their marketing online. There are

many ways that we can have by maximizing our business presence online. Probably you have familiar with social media advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and many other things. We know this era is the rise of digital, where everything can be changed into digital. Our daily activities also got affected by technologies. That is also the thing that makes us wonder how are the conventional things that we used to use for marketing goes. Do offline promotional tools still work on this digital era? Well, if you still figuring it out, don’t need to waste more time, try to find out here.

So here are the reasons why you still should get serious with your printed materials.

1. Still an effective targeting

Based on studies, print marketing will be processed differently by our brain than the other media. It also leaves a more significant imprint. The chance of registering to brand and recalling adverts is bigger. Because it’s easier to make people get touched by giving them something physical. They will more feel special than just receiving something online. Here we can say that offline marketing can be more effective than online content in target marketing and more reaching the niche audiences. Don’t forget to target your market clearly before giving them printed materials tools.

2. Give better information retention

Other studies find that people prefer to read printed material when they are trying to understand something substantive. They also admit that they easily understand the information when they read the print on paper. This is the result of an experimental case study, where they test and compare the test result of students that read course material in booklet or screen. The one that read the materials from the booklet admit that they understand and know the materials well, meanwhile, the students who read the materials on screen were only remembered it. They can get a clear preference for reading the print on paper. That is why in the educational world, they still using conventional methods to teach the students. When you give printed marketing materials to your potential customers, for instance, flyers or booklet, it will make them knowing and understand your business, not only remember. Because based on psychology, ‘remember’ is weaker than understanding.

3. Make your business information and looks credible

Based on a study from iProspect, two-thirds of online search users are driven to perform a search as a result of exposure to some offline channel, including direct mail. Current trend features like QR Codes can help people find your business online if they are interested in your business. When people see your printed materials and completed with your online information., it will make your business looks credible. There are many pro and cons either it’s online or offline that is the most effective way to do marketing. If you know exactly how to combine both of them, it could make your business looks more reliable.

4. Millennials prefer print

You might be surprised with this fact since we all know millennials are the generation of technologies. We might assume that this generations are leaving in cyberspaces and experiences everything through screens rather than in real life. Based on many reports and studies, they found that millennials prefer print and have the highest print readership rates. They also feel that digital experiences are unfulfilling. If your business target audience is mostly millennials, you should refer based on this fact. You should prioritize your printed materials instead of leaving it.

5. It’s easy and convenient to print

These days, you don’t need to worry much about how can you get the printed materials done. Forget about the old and conventional way of printing. Thanks to technologies and marketplace where we can get everything we need to be done online. Printing service nowadays has developed a very convenient system for users to get their printing needs. Print flyers, booklets, and other promotional tools that you need are easier than before. You can even get it delivered to your door directly.

Those are the five reasons why you should get serious with your printed materials. Do an action based on the fact and current trends will give a long term benefit for your business.


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