4 Tips to create a disability – Friendly workplace


So many people globally have a disability, which is either at a physical or a mental level. Their disability does not mean that they are not capable enough to work to earn a living. But in most places, all they have to face is the discrimination. This can be an intentional or an unintentional bias.

Workplace disability discrimination law in Orange County states that it is unlawful to treat the disabled candidates different from the non-disabled ones. It also says that the employer must arrange a reasonable accommodation for the disabled employee if in case he needs it.

Disabled people have the equal rights given that they can fulfill the medical requirements of their desired company. But they tend to face disability discrimination at many stages of the job.

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If you are an employer and have been looking for the tips to make a workplace, disability-friendly, you are in the right place.

1. Spread Awareness

For disabled people to fit into a workplace, it is crucial that all other employees work towards making it a disability-friendly one. For this, they need to be aware of the problems that disabled people undergo in their day to day lives. The non-disabled employees should know how to help the ones that have some sort of disability.

Being an employer, you need to invest in a training program for your employees to know what it takes to become disabled friendly.

2. Design the building accordingly

When it comes to commuting, disabled people have to use to the same means as their non-disabled colleagues do. Staircases might be enough for the latter ones, but the physically challenged people need escalators and ramps to move from one floor of the building to the other.

Not just through floors, but the entrance of the workplace sometimes has only stairs for the people to get into or out of the building. This is highly recommended that get the building designed in a more professional and disabled-friendly way.

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Some other things that can be done are; installing the height-adjustable desks so that those who cannot move around freely have the independence to work comfortably at their place.

3. A support group will help

Forming a group that can support the people who are disabled, will help you make the workplace a disability-friendly one. This group can raise the concerns on their behalf and ensure them the right facilities.

This group can also be used as a training team for the new employees that join your workplace. It will teach them the ways they can be good colleagues with the disabled staff.

4. Revise the company policy

Once you are set with a disability-friendly workplace, make sure you amend the policy of the company. This will ensure the implementation in a better way, as the employees have to follow the terms imposed on them by their employer; else they face a risk of even losing their job.
In addition to the revision of the policy to make the workplace inclusive for everyone, it must have a mention of the training sessions and workshops that are meant entirely for people with disabilities.


Employees tend to be honest to the employers who understand their needs and an inclusive workforce contributes to the improvement and growth of the company. The steps need to be introduced and implemented appropriately so that the teamwork can achieve the goal.

One thing that has to be remembered is that not all the disabilities are visible. Some of them pose physical challenges to those who are affected, but they cannot be seen, for example, a chronic liver disease like Hepatitis B which can gradually scar the liver and turn into liver cancer.


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