Florida Pest Control: How to Protect Your Home


Miami is a great city and it has much to offer its residents and visitors alike. It’s also very popular with rodents. It was recently ranked in the top three cities in America for roof rat infestation.

Florida’s wildlife is absolutely incredible. However, when the wildlife starts moving into your home it quickly loses its charm. Read on to learn about Florida pest control!

Reptiles and Birds

Reptiles and birds are very widespread in Florida and can be wonderful to observe. Most are not pests but sometimes the sheer size of the population can cause problems. Birds, snakes, and iguanas are the most problematic.

Birds can nest inside your home causing a mess. Snakes might be poisonous or at least cause alarm. Preventing these creatures from intruding is usually the best policy.

Seal points of entry and opportunities to shelter. Removing food sources is also a good idea. Try planting plants iguanas hate to eat if you want to discourage them.


Rats and mice are destructive pests. They can cause damage to the electrical wiring as well as to the structure of your home. They also bring diseases with them including parasites and bacteria.

Exclude them by sealing up holes and cracks. Don’t provide food for them by making waste food accessible. If you have an infestation, get professional assistance immediately.

Other Mammals

Rats and mice are not the only mammals that can be pests. The occasional sighting of a possum or raccoon might be quite exciting. If you are regularly visited by these or other mammals it might cease to be fun.

Your home or yard may be being damaged regularly. They can leave a mess and cause your disturbance in the night.

A pest control service can assess the problem, install preventative measures and even remove unwelcome guests.


Cockroaches or the Palmetto bug (a type of Cockroach found in Florida), can cause allergic reactions and leave their droppings around your home. They carry disease too.

They are active at night and can be distressing to hear or tread on in the dark. Removing their food sources by cleaning thoroughly is the best treatment. Don’t leave food out and prevent any leaks or dampness.

Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and fleas are primarily a problem for your pets. Ticks and fleas take a ride on your pets and then they can be a hazard for you.

Ticks can carry Lyme disease and other ailments. Fleas can cause allergic reactions and spread diseases.

Treat your pets for ticks and fleas regularly. Don’t encourage other pest-carrying animals to visit your property by removing food sources and shelter.


Silverfish feed on paper such as documents or books. They also love damp places so their presence suggests you might have a damp problem. Remove the moisture problem and you’ll probably solve your silverfish infestation.


Huge colonies of ants can be a major problem. They bite and can invade your home in numbers. Destroy anthills when they are relatively small to prevent a problem from developing.


Like ants, termites might be small but huge numbers of them can have a major impact. Termites eat wood. This means they can destroy your home if not checked.

Florida Pest Control

Knowing your enemy helps in the fight against pests. Try to prevent them from getting a foothold in your home by removing food sources and shelter. Florida pest control is primarily about removing the pests’ reason for being in your home.

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