Five Items That Enhances Tiny Spaces


Condominiums come in various sizes. It can be a studio type or a loft having an extra bedroom or two. Still, space is limited for a lot of people. Often, people with restricted floor area get stuck when decorating. Small spaces become a challenge especially for people with a lot of stuff.

Living in a condominium complex but near Arca South allows you to quickly get these five items that can help you with improving your condo.

1. Movable storages

Small spaces can feel cluttered over time because of the spread of stuff in plain sight. Putting everything out in the open can also make you feel disorganized. It’s best to hide items you don’t use every day. Assign spaces and containers specifically for seasonal items such as outdoor wear and equipment, winter gear, swim float and the likes.

Having containers for each item also makes it easier to spot the stuff you need. The finance book you lost may be under the pile of clothing you haven’t worn in a while. Moreover, it makes you assess the ratio of your space to the things you have gathered. You may have more items than the condo can accommodate. If that’s the case, it best to have moveable containers. Shelf racks on wheels or boxes with handles and knob are easy to transfer and haul in case of an immediate renovation.

2. Convertible sofa

Invest in a convertible sofa or sofa bed for functionality and style. A convertible sofa is highly-useful when having a group of people over. It is useful as a couch for coffee or as a lounge while drinking and entertaining. It transforms into a bed and convenient for friends who what to stay over.

A convertible sofa is also versatile. It comes in different models and designs. A sleek leather covering is perfect for contemporary homes while plush velvet gives a royal pampering. Earth colors provide a cozy feel while neutral tones in black and white offer a minimal and clean look. Adding pillow cushions accentuates the sofa and makes it a centerpiece.

3. Full-length mirror

Mirrors reflect light and well-lit areas appear more spacious because of it is open and bright. Homes with limited sources of natural light can use mirrors to direct light into the rooms. Placing mirrors near windows and openings bounces the light indoors. Additional illumination from natural light also makes it healthier for the people at home.

Other than the health benefits and light reflection, a mirror is also a minimalist decor. It has no frills and intricate design that can clash with other decorations in the room. It also doesn’t take a lot of space as it can be hanged on the wall or other bare areas.

4. Dishwasher

A dishwasher is a lifesaver. It functions as a keeper while making sure the tableware is ready to use. It lessens time spent on fussing up with cleaning. Some households encourage having two dishwashers. While the other is turned on, the separate unit that is off can act as storage.

Dishwashers don’t take a lot of floor area because they are installed in counters. These appliances are also sleek. They are easy to maintain. Most units are made of stainless steel and aluminum. Moreover, they match kitchen aesthetics because they usually come in neutral colors.

5. Hanging plants

Plants release oxygen, which humans need to live. A tiny pot of mint, eucalyptus or citronella cleans the air in the home and provides a natural repellent against insects and bugs. These plants also have a lot of uses which can be helpful in making natural remedies. Flowers also add beauty. Flowering plants such as freesia, lavender, and lily adds color to the room while giving off a pleasing aroma.

The condo could benefit from a few greens. The easiest way to include life indoors is by placing hanging plants. Hanging plants can be put in pots and placed near the windows or empty shelves.

A convertible couch, dishwasher, and wheeled storage are a must-have for its functions. Most of the time, these are required to make the home cleaner and less stuffed. Mirror and plants, on the other hand, complements the design and enhances the beauty of the area.


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