Fit Your Shoes – Not Just To Your Feet But Your Lifestyle!


When it comes to buying new shoes, there is a massive choice. If you are not careful, you can get lost in the selection process – or worse still, end up with the wrong kind of shoe for your needs.

Of course it is important to fit your shoes to your feet. But it is even more important to fit your shoes to your lifestyle, and what you plan to do while you wear them.

This article gives you some guidance to help you with the daunting task of walking into Nike stores in Australia!

See through the display!

Walking into a shoe store without having done a little preparation can leave you wondering where to begin as you look for your perfect shoes. Without doing your homework in advance, you can quickly get overwhelmed.

As a starting point, think about how you can fit your choice of shoes to your lifestyle, and not just your feet. Although this may sound obvious, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking an expensive pair of Nike trainers are perfect all rounders – they are not!

Before you set foot in Nike stores in AU, think about a few important questions. These include thinking about what will be the main use of your shoes, the material they are made of. Personal taste and style of course come into it too. Oh, and don’t forget to consider your budget!

Hop into store to see what fits best

With Nike shoes and other major footwear manufacturers, you can almost guarantee the best quality. Prices and styles can be quite similar across the brands, so the more important choice is what you expect from your shoes.

Brands such as Nike are best known as running shoes for example. This is great – if you plan to use them for running! If you plan to play other sports, hike or walk about town, other options may provide better support for your ankles, joints and legs.

If you choose shoes that are not suited to the activities you have in mind for them, you risk damaging them and reducing their lifespan. This can be a costly error. Worse still, you can do lasting damage to your joints, bones and even the skin on your feet by using the wrong type of footwear.

Consider your lifestyle

Try not to default to the thought that you use your shoes for everything. Be more specific, and think about what type of activity you do most. Do you walk a lot, jog, play raquet sports or cycle? Considering the best ankle support and in-shoe cushioning makes for the best – for your wallet and your health!

Depending on your lifestyle, you should look carefully at the soles, the outer material of the shoes, and their durability.

By paying close attention to these details, you can do your best to avoid everything from back problems to blisters on your feet as a result of incorrectly fitting shoes. Leather is one of the best options available because it is hard-wearing, while letting the feet breathe. Even then, pay close attention to the weight, however, because leather can be a little on the heavy side for running or sprinting.

You will find that your whole muscular system can benefit from optimally-fitting shoes. From the point of impact itself on the skin of your feet and toes right through to protecting your back, well-fitting athletic shoes can help improve your overall health.

Making your choice

Think of your shoes as an extension of your feet. This is especially true if you are looking for a multi-purpose type of shoe. But your best plan is to get different types of shoe for different needs – especially for more strenuous activities such as rugged hikes or long-distance running.

You can also consider adding additional layers of support to your shoe such as insoles. These can optimize the fit of your shoe to your foot. This technique is especially useful if you suffer from high arches.

Remember, when you are ready to make your choice of shoe, consider these important questions before you look for styles or colors. This will help you plan your budget and find the best possible shoes for you.


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