Off the Hook: 7 Fishing Rod Brands for Freshwater Fishing


Whether you want to kick back and relax at the dock with a beer and a book, or prefer to spend an entire day in a fishing boat trolling open waters for sport, having the best fishing rod will lessen the chance of coming home empty-handed. One of the reasons why fishing seems difficult for other people is because they don’t have the right equipment like Portable Fish Finder for fishing.

Aside from patience, having the right fishing rod is the most important thing that you need when fishing. It can be bought anywhere, but not everyone knows what’s the best rod that will suit every fishing styles and different bodies of water. For you to know what are the best rods you can use for fishing in freshwater, check this list of top 7 rod brands for fishing.

Ugly Stik Tiger

Fishing rods have different styles and composition. Ugly Stik tiger is one the leading companies that produce high-quality rods. One of the best product they made was the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger. It’s one of the most useful tools, and it can make every angler experience great when fishing.

The quality of this rod is great because of its durability, and it is equipped with a trigger-grip casting so makes it’s handling reliable. The measurement is 7 to 8ft long. If you’re looking for a guide, you can try asking local anglers, or you can visit sites and other reliable sources for more information.

Okuma CELILO Rods

Before, anglers consider baitcasting as art to catch fish, but now fishing equipment is more advanced that’s why baitcasting is not that artistic anymore. Modern reels nowadays have anti-reverse features and magnetic brakes which make your fishing activity more fun and much more manageable.

Reels work better if you have the perfect rod for it. Okuma Celilo Graphite Rod is the best tool for the job. The graphite rod was designed to cast heavy baits and catch big fishes. This rod was made for pro anglers and can surely take any stress away because of the durability and stability of it.

Penn Spinfisher

Assembling your rod can be a bit tricky especially if you’re a first timer. Some anglers prefer buying rods that are pre-assembled to make their life much more manageable. Penn Spinfisher is one the company who produces good quality of preassembled rods and reels that can be used by professional or amateur anglers.

This rod has a lot of features that every angler would surely want to have. It comes with stainless steel line guides, lightweight EVA grips, and aluminum oxide inserts. You won’t have to worry about the durability, strength, and sensitivity of this rod. The reel itself would impress any angler because of the all-metal body feature it has.

Shimano Talora Fishing Rods

If you’re looking for a rod that is versatile and durable, then this company can also provide you with one. The rods that this company produces ranges from 7 to 10 feet which can make your fishing style more efficient especially if you’re a pro angler.

The rods they make are built by using TC4 MH rod blanks which the company created out of responsive and lightweight carbon fiber composites. The durability of this rod is not a question because of the aluminum oxide line guides installed in the body of the rod. Don’t worry about the price because the company made sure that every angler can avail this rod.

Plusinno Fishing Rod

If you’re looking for a rod that wouldn’t take up too much space, then you should consider buying this brand. Plusinno came up with a way to make rods foldable and affordable at the same time. The Plusinno fishing rod can be folded for easy storage and can be used for any types of fishing method. It also comes with an anti-reverse feature.

This rod may not be that useful for long-distance casting, but it’s still is handy for those anglers who packed lite for their fishing activity. Traveling while carrying long rods with you can be a hassle that’s why buying this kind of rod will save you more space and would also lessen stress caused by moving heavy and long rods.

Fiblink Inshore Rods

Fishing in freshwater can be a fun activity because you won’t have to worry about any big waves coming at your way since you’re not in big bodies of water like the ocean. If you’re fishing in freshwater areas, you should always bring the right rod with you for you to be more productive and successful in your fishing activity.

Fiblink rods are one of the perfect tools for freshwater fishing. Their rods are also durable and lightweight. Their rods have ceramic inserts and stainless steel frames, and the handling is excellent because of the EVA split grip it has. Rods like these use corrosion-resistant materials to avoid rusting of the rod.

Gary Loomis Conquest Mag Bass Rods

Buying fishing rods can be expensive that’s why other anglers settle in cheaper rods to save money. If you have the budget to purchase new equipment, then you should try the Gary Loomis rods for you to know what are the features of their rod and what makes them unique. This company makes high-end casting rods which make it a bit expensive.

Conquest Mag Bass Rods are made from Spiral-X Technology rod blanks and equipped with through-handle technology. These rods are also durable and simultaneously sensitive which can elevate your fishing experience. It also includes full cork grips and Fuji Torzite guides.


Buying the right pieces of equipment are advisable for you to have a better fishing experience. If you’re still a novice or a first timer in fishing, then you better practice first in freshwater areas. You should also look for the rod that would suit your taste.

If you don’t have any idea on what are the best rods you can use for freshwater fishing, you can try going to establishments that sell types of fishing equipment, and you can ask the store owner or other professionals in the field fishing gears. Always choose the best quality rod and don’t settle for cheaper ones for you to have a nice fishing trip.


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