Final Expenses, Funeral Costs, and Burial Insurance


Most people don’t want to spend an extra moment thinking about how those closest to them may pass away. They don’t like to think about what could happen, what might happen, or what will ultimately happen. Just as everyone passes away in the end, everyone else has to handle the details of burials, debts, responsibilities, and more. This is why planning with burial coverage through life insurance without health checks becomes so important.

Of course, some strategic choices like burial insurance can go a long way to protect your family and legacy from being negatively impacted by a death. Funerals themselves are much more expensive in reality than many people anticipate, and that doesn’t include the financial obligations and weight that you would unburden onto your beneficiaries’ shoulders.

Burial insurance covers these final expenses. It usually comes built into a whole life insurance policy or another form of permanent coverage. By themselves, burial insurance policies are affordable and simple in comparison to other plans. Look into burial insurance below, and decide whether this form of financial protection makes sense for your family and loved ones.

Why You Should Get Burial Insurance

It might be unusual that a person often considers and thinks about the cost of themselves passing away. But, it’s important to understand the impact that your life and choices can have on those around you whom you care deeply about.

The cost of a funeral varies from person to person, but most estimates report that the average funeral with a viewing and burial costs over $7,000. If they were to take another option, your family could elect for cremation by spending over $1,500 without other services such as a viewing (or container).

These expenses could add to the burden already imposed on your family by unfinished obligations and financial responsibilities. But, in the final analysis, burial insurance helps you to keep end-of-life expenses as low as possible by handling the need for a funeral (or cremation) as seems best to those who survive you.

Without setting aside your burial and final costs, you could leave your family in an impossible position in which they can’t afford burial or must hurt their resources in order to complete it. Even those who go for cremation find that there are many rising expenses to handle your remains, making burial insurance interesting to many.

How Burial Insurance Works

In its most basic explanation, burial insurance kicks in to cover the cost of final expenses. The insurance provider will pay out a certain amount as part of your agreement to pay an ongoing premium. The process is quite similar to the path you take when purchasing any kind of insurance such as car or renter’s. The agreements are also the same.

As long as timely payments are made on premiums, your insurance company will pay the benefit for burial to those named as beneficiaries. The very simple pieces involved in this arrangement are:

  • your premium which must be paid,
  • your death benefit which your beneficiaries receive, and
  • your beneficiaries themselves who you name on the policy.

While you might think that you could easily save for final expenses, many people struggle not to dip into these funds. That’s why the three-part arrangement of burial insurance works well to keep that money in reserve. With the policy, you give your beneficiaries a lump sum that they can use to handle one of the most difficult events in a person’s life.

What Burial Insurance Covers

You might be curious about what exactly is meant when you say that burial insurance covers “end-of-life” expenses. This seems a little broader than the idea of paying strictly for a burial. That’s because the usual burial insurance policy actually covers all kinds of services including memorials, viewings, and cremations.

Your burial policy can cover final costs up to a limit, a cutoff amount that you choose at the start of the coverage. You can choose to insure your burial and final expenses for $2,000 or for $10,000, giving you the freedom to decide.

Get Burial Insurance through Sproutt

Buying burial insurance may seem like a decision that you don’t have to make right now. But, since we can never truly anticipate the future, the most responsible will take care of what they leave behind, buying a policy to cover their burial. Sproutt can help you find the right company for burial insurance policies.


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