5 Legal Options When You Can’t Afford a Funeral Cost


Have you recently lost a loved one? Are you struggling with the financial burden of funeral costs?

While services, burials, and cremations can seem to be expensive, with some research and knowledge, they do not have to be. There are a number of options in which you can keep costs down and have a fitting service.

Below, we provide five must-know ways to pay for the funeral cost. Keep reading!

1Check for Life Insurance

It is possible that the deceased had a life insurance policy. You may have to search around a little, because they may not have even told family and friends about it. Once you have this, you need to begin to look and see if it covered funeral costs.

If you are not sure how much or if any are covered, then call the coverers. They may be able to go over this with you. You may find that all or a large percentage of the funeral is covered.

2Seek Funeral Cost Charitable Assistance

Charitable assistance can come in many forms. It is worth searching in the local area for any local charities that offer help. While they are unlikely to pay the full cost, many can offer to pay for parts of the funeral like burial plots and caskets.

There are also a number of niches, occupation-related programs to assist. Both people in the military, police, and fire service may be eligible for help under the organization’s own schemes.

3Speak to Friends and Family

Only in extreme circumstances should the whole burden of payment fall to you. If you have other members of the family to help or friends who are willing to assist, then let them do so. There is no shame in asking for financial donations.

Very often, many people will contribute to death with flowers. Do not be ashamed to ask them for a funeral contribution instead, so that you recoup some of the costs from the service.

4Seek Legal Advice

Depending on the circumstances of the death, you may wish to seek legal advice. An attorney will discuss your case and see if there had been any signs of negligence. This could result in a wrongful death claim and part of the claim can be for recouping funeral costs.

There are a number of firms who will have specialisms in wrongful death funeral and getting the compensation that is deserved. One of these is veronbice.com and should be your first stop on the way to settling.

5Look for Low-Cost Burial Options

There is a number of low-cost burial options that can bring the cost down. Green burials are usually an environmentally friendly option that not only helps the environment but cuts down on material use.

Not every state requires a body to be embalmed either, so you can also research the possibility of this.

Consult a Funeral Director

When struggling to pay the funeral cost, always be open with your funeral director. They will know ways that you can lower the cost, and may even have ideas on alternative payment methods.

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