How to Feel at Home While Touring Israel


While a lot can be accomplished in a week of traveling, some people prefer to stay longer to get to know the country on a personal level. You could be one of those people, the kind who sits on a bench to watch people pass by and does errand-like tasks along with touring the city. The museums, parks, beaches, and landmarks are all well and good, but in a rush to see everything, you could miss out on the small details that make Israel—Israel.

Here are steps you can take to make yourself feel more at home, and by extension, appreciate the little stuff:

For clothes, change the material over style

Being in a foreign country can prompt you to try styles you have never worn back home. If you are genuinely interested in switching it up, then, do. However, if you want to go about the city in your most comfortable state, maintain your style. Make changes based on necessity instead of aesthetics. For example, you can try wearing lighter fabric because of the desert heat with additional cover-ups like a scarf or jacket in your bag. When visiting religious sites, bear the dress code in mind out of respect. Generally, don’t wear anything that makes you uncomfortable or overly self-conscious because those feelings can overtake the experience.

For accommodation, rentals over hotels

When you are staying in the country for an extended period, look for Tel Aviv Vacation Rentals or short-term rentals in Jerusalem. Site can connect you to short term rentals in Israel, not just the major cities mentioned earlier. An apartment gives you a degree of independence. Domestic chores like laundry and cooking can be done without relying on hotel service or going out of your way to get them done. They are also a cheaper option when compared to hotels and their additional service fees.

Having a kitchen can also encourage you to cook dishes with local ingredients; being put in a situation where you are forced to make it can be a motivating factor to your success. When you find a meal at a restaurant that you would love to try back home, take note of the name and search for a recipe online. Playing around with the flavors will be more comfortable when the local ingredients are within your reach.

For mobility, select public transportation over cabs

When touring the city on your own, try to take public transportation like buses and trains. They can familiarize you with the layout of the town, that mental map can be used later when you feel like you have nothing to do. It can also be a lesson, while public transportation is generally similar, each country has a way they go about it. You can observe the nuances and maybe encounter anecdotes you can share when you go home.

These steps cannot be done well when you are rushing to see all the big sights. For those who like to travel leisurely, treat the country as if it were home. The intention to make everything personal adds a depth to the overall experience.


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