Why Everyone Needs Family Health Insurance Cover


Your family is your top priority and they deserve the best. It is normal to be concerned about what you choose for them especially when making decisions regarding their safety and health. Whether you are young or old, medical emergencies can strike suddenly and leave you bewildered.

It is crucial to be well-prepared in case of an unforeseen event. With alarming healthcare costs all over the world, nobody can undermine the importance of health insurance. So, it pays to invest in a robust health insurance policy for your family and yourself. Having a good policy from Create Health can prove extremely useful in times of a medical crisis. Here are the top five reasons for getting a health policy cover.

It Safeguards entire family​

Family health insurance ensures that all family members are medically covered under a single policy. It reduces the hustle of relying on different policies for each member. The insurance cover ensures that you do not have to compromise on the medical expenses for any of your family members.

With extensively high hospital bills, the family health cover enables you to get a single sum assured for the entire family and claim the entire amount for any of the members when the need arises.

Easier to manage lifestyle diseases

Currently, cases of lifestyle diseases are on a rise. Individuals under the age of 45 years are the most affected. Every year the percentage of people getting affected by lifestyle diseases is increasing and thus the need for health insurance policies in dealing with treatment costs that come along with them.

Taking family health insurance will take your mind off the healthcare costs. You will be free to focus on the treatment and also enjoy the free annual health check-up process for policyholders. Thus this will help you become aware of any health issue at the early stages.

Reduce the medication cost

Today, it is quite difficult to go for treatment to pay for an expensive surgery in the face of an emergency. This is attributed to the rise in medical inflation worldwide. Having a health policy will ensure that the insurer takes care of the expenses, provided it is under coverage limits. So by getting the benefit of cashless claims at network hospitals means you do not need to pay anything out of your pocket. As a result, there is no draining of your savings during the hospitalization of your family member. This is very useful during financial difficulties.


The importance of family health insurance cannot be underestimated. Who doesn’t want to enjoy financial protection against treatment costs for a wide range of diseases? Nobody. So, prepare today and stay financially covered against any medical emergency with your entire family.

While you can still take an individual health policy plan, a family health plan from Create Health will ensure that you avoid the hassle of remembering the renewal dates of many policies. And in most cases, the plan is cheaper than buying separate policies for every individual member of your family.


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