The explanation to snoring at women


It is a bit hard to imagine a feminine, gentle creature snore. Would it kill all the romance in the bedroom? Possibly, but the fact is that there are many women snorers. Sure that snoring is more likely among the older man’s population, but even a 20-something woman can snore. The causes of snoring in women are slightly different than with men. Yet, that there are a few common causes. In this article, we will present you both groups.

Either way, a woman shouldn’t be ashamed of the fact that she snores. Yes, it might be a bit unpleasant if she has a partner that doesn’t snore and if she is the one to bring up the noise. However, there is a solution for snoring is women.

Common reasons

Gaining weight

This is one of the most common causes of snoring in both men and women. Gaining weight especially happens over the years, as a person gets older. If you get a few pounds, there is a possibility to get some excess skin on your neck. However, the issue here is deeper. It doesn’t matter if you can see it from outside.

The thing is – what is happening inside? If the fatty presses the throat, it will make the throat narrower. The airways might become blocked, which is the reason for snoring. Airflow through the narrow passages will produce the snoring sound.


Everyone feels tired from time to time, both men and women. Sometimes we spend all our energy. Our bodies are tensed all the day and we can’t wait to see the bed. Women have many responsibilities. They have to go to work, prepare kids for school, prepare meals etc. When the busy day finally finishes, a woman is exhausted. That is why a woman’s body relaxes that much that she falls into a deep sleep. People breathe through their mouth when they come to this phase of fatigue. Sleeping on your back will for sure produce snoring.

Sleep apnea

This disorder hits both men and women. Sleep apnea is easily recognized by the breathing pauses while a person is sleeping. Those pauses vary from 10 to 20 seconds, which is, you will admit, a lot. Besides the pauses, waking up through the night, feeling tired and having a dry throat and mouth are the indicators that a person suffers from sleep apnea.

Special causes

The following bullets will explain to you why women really snore. The above-mentioned causes are common, but when we talk about the snoring in women, things are a bit more complex. Join the common and special causes and you will get snoring in women.

Estrogen level

You probably already know which role the estrogen plays. It ensures the proper function of the ovaries and the ovum maturation. Further, it enables bone support and affects the serotonin level. If the serotonin level is low, muscle tone is about to go low as well. Snoring is associated with the throat and mouth muscle tone. If they are poorly toned, a woman will snore.

Birth control

Contraceptive pills disturb the hormonal balance. They affect the estrogen level in women. That is why women who take birth control are more likely to snore.


As you know, when a woman is pregnant, many changes happen within her body. Some women gain weight through pregnancy, which is already the common cause of snoring. On the other side, during pregnancy, mucous membranes tend to produce more secretion than usually. This may lead to nasal congestion and, of course, snoring.


Similar to pregnancy, menopause produces the hormonal chaos and disbalance in women. Menopause especially affects muscle tone in the throat, which is, as we mentioned, snoring trigger.

What a woman can do?

It is important to maintain the good figure and keep the track of the diet. However, then a beautiful thing such as pregnancy occurs, you wouldn’t think that much whether you are going to gain some weight or not.

Whether you are pregnant, or in menopause, or have hormonal disbalance, there is a solution for snoring in a woman. You must have heard about snoring devices. These devices really work! You should check a snoring device review. We can already feel your excitement about ordering one.

Snoring in women is not that bad as it seems. However, if you would want to sleep as a sleeping beauty again, make sure you check on that snoring device.


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