Dynamic 365 Training & Certification: Setting Your Sales and Marketing Teams Up For Success


Our world is constantly changing and upgrading systems can make an obvious improvement to the organization’s efficiency and productivity. But to realize maximum benefits, when you implement Dynamics 365 in your organization, it must be accompanied by Dynamic 365 training & certification for your employees.

This helps overcome the hurdle of user adoption and encourages them to engage with the new system. When it comes to your marketing and sales teams, Dynamic 365 training for marketing and Microsoft Dynamic 365 training for sales is critical.

Implementing Dynamics 365 offers the sales and marketing teams an integrated, unified solution that minimizes missed opportunities and the risk of miscommunication. Some of the ways your teams can benefit from Dynamic 365 training for marketing and Microsoft Dynamic 365 training for sales are:

Coordinated customer engagement

Siloed processes ad systems make it difficult for the sales and marketing teams to align their work. For example, it becomes difficult for sales teams to score leads when they do not know how the lead was acquired or how they have responded to messaging so far.

Dynamics 365 makes it easy to manage and share a single information source so that both teams can understand plan their customer outreach campaigns with aligned goals. They can promote relevant content-based assets and monitor the customer journey through the campaign instead of sending out seemingly randomized communications. With Dynamics 365, they also get real-time visibility into customer responses and activities that, in turn, help build customized nurture programs to increase the likelihood of a sale.

Improved targeting and lead prioritization

Blast marketing is no longer considered effective. In fact, sending unrequested emails can often cause customer frustration leading to unsubscribes and missed opportunities. It can even lead to monetary penalties. Dynamics 365 changes this and allows organizations to modernize their approach by designing and delivering customized content.

By offering a detailed behavioral and demographic understanding of their leads, the sales and marketing team can get a clear view of who they need to prioritize and what the potential customers may be interested in. With Dynamic 365 training & certification, they can track marketing programs such as email campaigns, social media, ads, etc. as well as sales activities in a common database.

Better insight into marketing attributed revenue

It isn’t enough to simply convert a lead into a sale, your sales and marketing team must also understand the customer journey at every stage and be able to recognize what strategies worked and what didn’t. This can only happen when the marketing and sales teams work in tandem with each other. Dynamics 365 makes the customer’s journey from lead to sales easy to visualize. It combines all the prospect data to create a comprehensive picture of the content engagement history. By tracking this journey, the sales and marketing team can tweak processes and strategies to make them more effective and increase revenue.

Maintain control over launches

When entering a new market or launching a new product, Dynamics 365applications helps the sales and marketing teams keep track of the different activities and follow-through on them. Simple things like being able to ensure that landing pages and emails are consistent with product messaging help maintain control over the launch and make marketing more effective.

The teams can also track web activity to automate email responses to potential leads who express interest in the new launch. Inviting customers to register for updates generates leads for the sales team. That’s not all, the lead scoring models automatically identify qualified leads so that they can be prioritized.

Dynamic 365 Training & Certification

Training and certification should never be seen as a cost but rather as an investment. It determines how well the new system will be used and how effective it can be. Dynamics 365 is easy to integrate and use but proper training can ensure that your teams understand the nuances of its applications. Every organization and team has unique needs and hence, Dynamic 365 training for marketing and Microsoft Dynamic 365 training for sales are designed to be versatile.

Participants can enroll in traditional classroom training sessions or online training to learn these Microsoft Courses. Flexible modules allow them to fit training into their schedules instead of working their schedules around the training sessions. Look for training that offers theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on experience.

This allows them to learn at their own pace and build skill sets that are most relevant to their job profiles. Certification is the ultimate goal of all training modules. This validates the skill and knowledge gained and boosts your organization’s in-house talent library. It empowers employees and gets specialist expertise on your teams.

With the range of benefits offered by Dynamics 365, training should not be a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’. So, are you ready to take your sales and marketing teams to the next level.


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