Dubai Dolphinarium – Live Dolphin and Seal Show in reasonable packages


One of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai, and total amazement in itself, getting Dubai Dolphinarium tickets is the first thing you should do, every time you land in Dubai. A combination of nature and science walking hand in hand, a visit to this place will only sparkle your day. The friendliest creatures in the ocean will join you, taking you through their playful journey alongside meeting other lives of the marine world.

In the year 2008, Dubai Municipality started this indoor air-conditioned aquarium to bring the marine life closer to the people of Dubai. Today it has become one of the major tourist attractions in the city of Dubai.

Dubai Dolphinarium Ticket with VIP and Transfer Upgrade

Where is it located?

It is located in the beautiful creek park, which is also known as the Bur Khalifa, near the Health Care City.

How and When to Get There?

You have to enter the arena through the main gate. They are open from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. There are various show timings that one can enquire about through their website, or they can call them up on their registered number to know more. Getting a Dubai Dolphinarium ticket isn’t always easy, so it is advised that advance booking is done.

What are the major attractions?

  • The major attraction that is a must watch amongst other things is the Dolphin and Seal show. This is where the Dolphins come and perform various acts for the audience and interact with them. Other than the dolphins, the seals also shake their cute belly a little. This is all under the expert supervision. You will be amazed to see their skills. They can dance, sing, juggle balls, do a high jump over the ropes, in the end; you might even learn how to do acrobats from them.
  • The next one on your list should be Illusion & Dolphin & Seal show. Master Illusionist Max has stored something very magical for you. But he doesn’t do it alone. There are many dolphins and seals to support him too. Sit back in wonderment, and see the beautiful master take you into the world of illusions.
  • There is also a Creek Park Exotic Bird show. It is not just about the marine animals, you see. Rare species of birds and parrots come and do some activities for the audience.
  • UAE’s only mirror maze is in the same locality if you are in the Dubai Dolphinarium. One can get baffled with the different mirrors. Your walk inside can reflect your body in various sizes and shapes, which you may have never thought of. If you have a Dubai Dolphinarium ticket, then you have access to the mirror maze as well.
  • What can complete your visit to the Dolphinarium, is one close up with the Dolphins. Well, your dream has come true. Dubai Dolphinarium allows you to swim with the Dolphins! That is surely one bucket list worthy activity you must not miss.

When you leave the vicinity, you will be not only left entertained but also informed about the marine life out there, especially Dolphins and Seals. Next time you plan a visit to Dubai, make sure you ask your tour advisor about Dubai Dolphinarium tickets.


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