7 Dental Billing Features You Need To Look For While Selecting A Dental Software


Maintaining a successful dental practice takes a lot of hard work and patience. It included handling, treating the patients and managing them and other peripheral responsibilities, which are also associated with the smooth running of dental practice.

Good dental software makes it very easy for the patient and the manager to supervise the day-to-day activities like scheduling the appointment, entering the information of the employee, billing and insurance information. The dentist keeps track of all the clinical work performed. This article will discuss some must-have features of dental practice management software. So, make sure you stick with us until the end for more.

1Appointment Scheduling

In appointment scheduling, the dental software enables the managers to manage and schedule their patients according to the suitable timings following the application of the patients. This can be highly useful for many reasons.

The patients can set appointments and find available time slots. The manager of the dental software can even reschedule the patients according to the dentist and their timings. This type of process promises to offer convenient booking procedures to existing and prospective patients.

2Payment Entry

The patients can directly enter the payment and billing information in the application, and they can even set reminders regarding the upcoming payment for the treatments. Through dental software, the patients can generate easy to understand statements with clear and concise detailing. This always comes in handy for them and provides the convenience they need.

Everything in the dental software regarding payment is exclusively designed to increase the likelihood of full payment. It provides fast and easy adjustments that the patients can make regarding their payment information.

3Management Of Claims

Good dental software assists with the creation and management of insurance claims. Many applications allow the patients to send their claims electronically. In this process, it becomes very easy for the dentist to claim dental insurances for the patients after the treatment is over. So, you can make the most of it in no time. Dental software also has the facility of claims, allowing the patients to claim status by just clicking on a few buttons. They can send and track the status of the claim throughout all stages.

4Printing Of Patient’s Statements

The dental software must have the feature of making electronic statements of the patients, which shall include the patient’s treatment and other necessary details. The software should print statements for a clear understanding of the patients. It should also provide all the brief details of the treatment too. Moreover, the software should customize the printing on the billing statements. The statements should also have all the payment instructions and a list of other dental appointments.

5Prescription Writing And Drug History

A prescription helps in tracking them and keeping a record of the patients. The prescription writer manages the prescriptions of the patients. Some dental applications allow you to create and send these prescriptions for the patients to fill.

It is essential for maintaining the records and for medical reasons. The software should also have a separate module for maintaining the patients’ detailed medical history and dental histories. Apart from this, it should allow the dentists to give medications accordingly.

6Patients Reminder

Good dental software provides various options to remind their patients of their upcoming appointments through email, phone calls or text messages. Without this feature, no dental practice management software can be complete. Reminding each patient about the date and time of their appointment becomes necessary in dental software.

Follow-ups after treatment and regular checkups are also essential. A dental software tracks the appointment attendance and no show history of the patients and follows up accordingly. It creates an amazing patient experience and allows them to touch the dentist constantly.

7Consent Form Of The Patients

Every dental practice management software should have a consent form for the patient, which can be edited whenever required. The patient’s consent form can be modified as per the patient’s treatment. The dental software should print the consent form or record the patient’s electronic signature, which is essential for medical purposes. Moreover, every detail mentioned in the consent form should be agreed upon by the patient and be kept as proof of their agreeability.

The Bottom Line

Good dental software provides every benefit to the patient following their requirements. Dental software provides all kinds of provisions for easy understanding of the patients, starting from the consent to appointments and easy billing features. Dental software has become very important for maximizing revenues through its effective billing system.

The feature of claims has helped in increasing the likelihood of full payment. Through dental software, the dentist and other health care professionals can also easily look after their patients and provide them with the best possible treatments. Dental software also helps provide the best provision to their patients regarding the dental billing features. So, do not keep waiting.


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