Home – A cozy nest where tranquility reigns! It isn’t something that constitutes just bricks and mortar! One could feel a breathing soul within the whole structure, and it feels completely magical when the space in which you reside is all throbbing with life. And how about bejeweling it with some blooms and flowers of your choice from Whole Blossoms! Satiate your senses with a range of fresh flowers to decor your home like a pro!

Read along to grab some tips as you flourish your home with a bunch of fresh flowers just like a florist in disguise from Whole Blossoms. Every bloom symbolizes something so be sure to make their significance count!

1. The secret ingredients to be added to the water for the longevity of your favorite flowers

Adding a cup of a sprite to the water would help you preserve them. A few drops of bleach would help you kill the bacteria thus preventing the chances of any bacterial attacks. You could also buy some floral preservatives for prolonged effect.


2. Removing all leaves below the water line.

A great way to ensure that flowers used for decor won’t get ruined rather easily. Leaves that are seen below the waterline tend to decay soon and thereby causing harm to your flowers. The florists recommend you to remove such leaves as they can turn poisonous due to bacteria which are formed when the leaves tend to rot. Eventually disrupting the uptake of water flow with the bacteria present in it and causing the blooms to wither.

After having read those two tips, let’s look for some charming arrangements of the blossoms!


3. Blend of blooms

To cease repetitiveness, switch off between flowers of different colors and textures in your glass vases. Placing small blossoms amidst the bold peonies from Whole Blossoms would give it a rich appearance.

4. Vintage vibes using spools

How could we ever forget those buttercups that are way too adorable to sparkle up our spaces? And buttercups or Ranunculus flowers that symbolize radiance and charm are great to be used as signature blooms. Individual flowers do make a great statement. So placing them inside a wooden spool could give a vibrant and fresh vibe of vintage!


5. Miniature teacup gardens

Could find any beautiful Vases? Why fret when you could transform those pretty floral teacups into one! Tuck a bunch of primroses in the cups and place it in a geometrical tray. Add in some ferns that symbolize sincerity and mosses to give the whole arrangement a fresh and lush appeal! Give a pat at your back for pulling off a sweet stuff out of nowhere!

6. Rainbow bunches

Got any space that is painted neutral? Then give it some pop with a rainbow bouquet. Bursting hues of a bunch of blooms from Whole Blossoms could give a twist to your sideboards. Prefer using long glass vessels for the same.

7. Antique Vases

To those who have a craze for antique stuff, try decorating your spaces with a large and elegant set of antique vases that gives out a rustic feeling. A fresh bunch of white lilies from Whole Blossoms could give the whole space a majestic feeling, just like how white lilies symbolizes majesty- someone who is unbeatable and perfect.

8. Fluttering Butterflies


In a basket full of small sized white blooms, wire up some fanciful faux butterflies and look for the magic in those floral arrangements. You could sight butterflies fluttering through them as if they are in search of the nectars.

9. Cool and cozy Combos of blooms

  • Orange and pink tulips

Red tulips are a declaration of love. How about blending in some and pink and orange hues too? A great dazzler for the eyes. Wait for the magic as the tulips turn to face the sunshine!

  • Pink and Purple

How could one forget to statement those whimsical side tables! A pink and purple blend of blooms from Whole Blossoms placed in a large glass vessel could make the space alluring! Prefer using full-petal blooms for the same.

  • Seasonal Siblings

Tulips and lilacs! Two blooms that tend to grow at the same time. Place them in an opaque white vase near your workspace for a passionate feeling to engage in your work. Tuck in some lush green leaves for a fresh look.

  • Green and yellow

To spaces that echoes of masculinity, adding a flower or two won’t make them fragile but rather fierce! Grab some yellow blooms in a big jar of glass vessels and tuck in some greens like ferns and mosses. A green-yellow combo for the wooden textured background would do the job to transform fragile feel to a fierce one with great ease.

You could also prefer using small vases to tuck single blooms and buds to let them shine in a starring role! A bunch of them huddled up or either spaced apart, both ideas could sprinkle some magic on the table.

So get ready to adorn your home with a bunch of fresh blooms from Whole Blossoms and woo and wow your guests as they admire the amateur florist in you!


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