Cushions: Soft Surfaces To Keep You Comfortable


Designed in different shapes, soft and fluffy cushions make a big difference in the room you have them in. You can easily pick the cushion on your sofa and rest your head on the handles while you watch the Avengers in on your home theater. Interesting pillow fights can never be possible without cushions on your sofa. Yes, cushions can do a lot more than just keeping you comfortable, provided you choose them the right way.

Cushions For Sofas

The main question when it comes to sofa cushions is “how many?”. I have come across living rooms with those small sofas stuffed with large cushions that are too many for the size of the sofa and wondered where I was supposed to sit. Yes, the number and size of your sofa cushions mainly depend on the size of your sofa. A large number of cushions is fine if you have a large sofa, but if you are looking for cushions for that loveseat in your living room, you either have to keep them small or restrict yourself to just two sofa cushions for that neat and elegant look.

The following are two other things you need to keep in mind when looking for sofa cushions for your living room.

The Shape- While square shape pillows give your back a good support, rectangular pillows are ideal if you want something that will support your lower back and neck as well. Round pillows can add some life to your sofa, especially if is a sectional with too many sharp lines.

The Filling- If you are looking for something that will remain stiff and in shape for a long time, then synthetic or foam sofa cushions would be right for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for cushions to give your sofa and living room, a lush and comfortable look, pillows with feathers are what you need to go for. These are also very comfortable.

Cushions For Beds

Nothing can look more inviting than a bed with cushions. Comfortable cushions let you lean back on a pillow with your hand resting on a cushion as you read a novel in bed. Afternoon naps are much more comfortable as you can lie on your bed with cushions around you to keep you comfortable. When it comes to cushions for your bed, there are two main things that you need to give importance to: how comfortable it makes your bed and how it looks on your bed. The following are the things you need to ensure.

It needs to match your pillows and bedsheet- As cushions don’t come along with your bedsheets and pillow cases, you need to cover them with materials that match the look of your bedspread, so that they don’t end up looking like an eyesore on the bed.

The stuffing- The stuffing is one of the most important things you have to look at here, mainly because comfort is the very first reason for which you choose to have cushions on your bed, and when it comes to comfort, there is nothing like feather.

Buy Cushions Online

You can have a look at the range of cushions online from brands like Cotonex, Fairprice, Fluffy and various others. Have fun browsing through the range of colors and designs and get a set of cushions that you find stylish and comfortable to have in your house.


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