7 Creative Trade Show Display Ideas of 2019


If you have been to trade shows you know all too well how the monotony of display booths can quickly kill the mood and bring out some rather dull vibe out of people. Good news, however, is that many companies are catching up and spicing up their display booths. There is a need for you to set apart your brand from the others. The pressure to stand out might have you stuck.  You are probably wondering how you can inspire a creative marketing event with your display. How about you consider some of these innovative booth setup concepts:

Living wall

You can bring life to the exhibition floor by using live and trendy plants. Nothing accentuates the mood of a place than a carefully curated fresh zone space. Fresh fruits and foliage add to the spruce of life and vibrancy.

Capture attention with gigantic objects

Design your booth to feature an eye-catching structure that speaks volumes from the exhibition floor. Massive signature products are a convincing way to get potential customers to visit your booth and have an interactive session with you. With the correct use of space, your display booth may be a useful marketing tool for your company.

Exposure product wall using a repeating wall theme

Marketing is nothing but expressing the same message in different ways. This design involves selling the image of endless choice and variety of products to your potential customers. You should go on overdrive with fundamental trade show display ideas and customize a wall of bountiful products for customers to browse through and encourage interaction that leads to eventual sales.

Overhead hangings

Creative use of space is what makes your booth induce more curiosity and a sense of wonder from onlookers, making them step inside for more. You should be able to see the overhead hangings from a distance, especially with the creative use of colors and lighting. Overhead hangings also create a perspective of ample space, making your booth seem more extensive than usual.

Go wild with a fabricated piece of architecture

The advantage of using fabric structures is the ability to execute a limitless free form aesthetic booth design. This flexible and lightweight fabric can be used to create complicated structures. With proper lighting, you can create designs that create an ambiance and aura of uniqueness prying curiosity from potential customers.

Dynamic seats and spaces

Attending trade shows are tiring and have few seating opportunities. Take advantage of this fact and exploit this remarkable marketing opportunity by luring potential customers with creative seat designs and spaces. Offer them plush furniture and serve them a few snacks or drinks as you let them catch a break. You can use this opportunity to reach out with extensive product awareness through brochures, magazines, and physical assistance.

Go personal with creative use of closed booth displays

Closed spaces block background noise that may otherwise distract your customers. Besides, they offer a more intimate and personal approach to marketing, keeping your customers involved, and focused on your products when inside your booth.

All these display booth ideas are effective and if used properly, will inspire your marketing experience in your future trade shows.


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