Your Content Firm Struggling With Sales While Working Remotely? Here Are 10 Tips To Get Out Of The Slump


The year 2020 and the pandemic threw a wrench into everyone’s plans. Companies that were slowly trying out remote work or had not even thought about it had to switch to a completely remote work environment.

Many content firms have seen their sales drop as the company is still figuring out how to operate in this new normal. Even though the current predicament is sudden, it has been a long time coming.

Remote work has been on the cards for a long time. It is better to learn how to improve your sales while working remotely rather than waiting for this phase to get over.

If you are a content firm that is currently experiencing a slump in sales, then here are ten tips to help you get out of it. 

1Build Trusting Relationships

When you cannot have a face to face meeting with a prospective client, your relationship with them becomes the driving force of the sales. You need to build a trusting relationship with potential customers.

You start by connecting with them personally. Don’t jump straight to talking business. Enquire about their family and remember special occasions in their life.

If you know that the business is having a tough time, then suggest a content marketing plan that delivers the maximum impact with minimal investment. The customer then knows that you have their best interest at heart.   

2Invest in Resources

When your sales team is working remotely, there must be clear communication between the team members. You must also ensure that the team can access all the necessary client information remotely.

For this to happen, you need to employ a cloud storage system or a cloud-based CRM that lets your sales team access information and share work products. You must also ensure that all communications take place on a single platform. Pick a software or tool and make sure that everyone uses the same. 

3Target the Right Industries

Before you start calling up potential customers, it would be wise to do some background research on their industry. If the industry is in an economic recession, there is very little chance that they may have enough content marketing budget.

You would be better off using your time and energy to pursue a client in an industry that is currently doing well. The remote sales team can discuss their findings over the daily meetings to develop the appropriate strategy for each industry.

4Get Creative With Marketing

Gone are the days when content only meant written content. Video content such as video blog or video email has become the new content format that requires your focus.

Not only can you use videos to help your customers, but you can also use them to boost your marketing and gain more clients. Video emails make your clients feel like you are addressing them personally.

It helps in building a trusting relationship that can improve your sales pitch and give your content firm a much-needed boost.   

5Start Generating Interactive Content

Whether it is written content or otherwise, there are plenty of blogs on the internet on every topic under the sun. With Google improving its ranking algorithm, you need to come up with new ways to keep the audience engaged.

Interactive content such as quizzes and infographics are quickly gaining popularity. There are a number of ways you can create these with ease. You can also create short video snippets of long-form content using

When you are pitching to new or old clients, make sure to mention how your content team is adept at making these forms of content. It will help them gain trust with your firm and bring in more business.

6Revamp Your Own Content

Every client will judge your ability to deliver quality content by looking at your own website’s content. If you feel that the progress made by your sales team suddenly becomes undone once the client visits your website, then it is time to revamp your content. 

Make it engaging and employ creative content delivery modes so that potential clients can have a sample of your work. 

7Use AI to Your Advantage

A lot of research goes into determining the best form of content and the best marketing platforms for your clients. You can employ AI-based tools to help with this aspect of content creation.

It can alert you regarding the latest trends in content marketing. It can suggest new ideas, keywords, or even areas that need more focus. Employing an AI for these tasks frees up your content creators so that they can focus on generating high-value content. 

8Keep up With Google

Google updates its ranking algorithm from time to time to ensure that it shows the most relevant results for every query. As a content firm, you should be aware of these changes to create content that would rank well.

Being aware of the latest updates in Google’s policy also means that you would be able to mention it to your client while making your sales pitch. Clients have more confidence in those who are taking their job seriously and doing the appropriate research to stay up to date. 

9Create Processes for Remote Work

You may have an established workflow or a set of processes in your office. You need to adapt them for remote work. Processes ensure that there is uniformity in the business. Processes also tell your remote team what to do at each stage and avoid confusion. 

10Do Not Cut the Sales and Marketing Budget 

When sales take a hit, so does your revenue. Many firms make up for the loss by reducing their marketing budget.

You should be doing the reverse. When sales are down, you need to concentrate more on your marketing and allocate more budget to it. An effective sales and marketing strategy is the key to bringing in more business.  

In Conclusion 

Many aspects of remote work differ from regular office work. However, the core remains the same. You have a team working towards a common objective, and they can achieve that with effective communication and appropriate tools and strategies.

You may experience some hiccups at the start as you adjust to the new normal. The tips mentioned above will help you get out of the sales slump.


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