Common Residential Drain Problems


If you own or live in a residential property, you are likely to run into drain problems in the course of your stay there. Residential drain problems come in different shapes and sizes, from minor, inexpensive issues, such as a leak or dripping faucet, to major burst pipes or leaks that could severely damage your walls and cost you thousands of dollars to repair or replace. The best way to avoid major plumbing issues is to carry out regular maintenance or repairs of your plumbing system as soon as you notice a problem, as waiting for too long might give the problem time to develop into more severe complications that could cost you a lot of money and time to repair or restore. You can search for a 24 hour emergency plumber near me, if you run into some of the common residential drain problems below.

Slow draining sink

This is perhaps one of the most common drain issues you are likely to encounter in your residential home. The problem is caused by a form of blockage in the drain restricting water flow. Washing the dishes in the sink flushes grease, fat, and food remnants down the drain, the accumulation of which can lead to blockage. The bathroom sink is also prone to similar problems, as the blockage is likely to result from soap, hair, and other chemicals in your bathroom.

Clogged shower drain

This is similar to the slow draining sink, except the water does not seem to move down the drain at all. This is a more serious problem that may require a rubber plunger or snake to clear. Try using a drain guard to help trap the hair before it is flushed down the drain.

Clogged toilet

It can be very annoying to flush the toilet after finishing your business hoping the dirt will go away only to fill the bowl up instead. If this happens, it means you have a clog and the blockage could be caused by hard paper mixed with human waste or any other waste material that gets stuck along the drain. A flange plunger can usually fix the problem, but if that doesn’t work, you may want to try a drain auger (snake) to loosen the blockage up and hopefully clear the path for water flow.

Sewer system backup

This is a more serious problem and you may need to call your plumber immediately before the problem poses a health hazard to the surrounding neighborhood. If you’ve ever experienced a sewer system backup, you already know that it is a nightmare. It can be nasty, smelly, and downright inconvenient. The mess can also be expensive to take care of and having multiple drains can only make the work harder. This is especially more terrifying if the problem is on your property because the responsibility of repair lies with you. You’ll have to pay a professional plumber to locate and clear the blockage. To avoid this problem, be careful with what you flush down the toilet. This means you should not flush sanitary products, diapers, napkins, and wipes, down the drain.

While there are dozens of drain problems you are likely to experience in your residential home, these are some of the major ones you should watch out for and do everything possible to avoid. If you are having a sewer system backup, you may want to contact your plumber immediately.


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