Five Common Bonuses You Can Use to Play Roulette Online


Whenever most people think of online casino bonuses, their mind is automatically drawn to slots. However, there are many casino games out there where you can use casino bonuses. Roulette, for instance, is a game that is often very bonus friendly. This particular table game is compatible with most casino bonuses, and we’re going to show you how you can make the most of those opportunities below.

Welcome Bonuses

Online casino welcome bonuses are normally very compatible with roulette games. Most casino sites have an all-encompassing offer that can be used to play slots and table games like roulette. On some occasions, there may even be a dedicated table game bonus. This cannot be used on slots and is, therefore, tailor-made for games like roulette. Just check the Ts and Cs before claiming any offer to make sure that the roulette game you want to play hasn’t been excluded before claiming the bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses and Free Bets

In most cases, no deposit bonuses will only be valid on slots. However, there are casinos out there that provide free bets and no deposit bonuses that can be used on table games. The types of no deposit and free bet bonuses you want to claim for roulette games will normally specifically state that they are for use on roulette.

Redeposit/Reload Bonuses

Almost any redeposit or reload bonus can be used to play most roulette games at an online casino. In reality, these redeposit deals work in the same way as the welcome bonus, in that they are often cash-based. Free spin-based deals won’t be of any use to you. However, a well-time redeposit or reload bonus can easily see you boost your chances of landing a win when playing roulette online. Again, check those terms and conditions to be absolutely sure that your roulette game has been included.

LPs and Converted Bonus Funds

Most casinos have a loyalty points-based VIP or rewards scheme and are fairly open about what you use those funds on. It may take you a while to accumulate enough loyalty points to convert them into real money or bonus money. However, once you’ve got a chunk of change in your hand, it should be quite straightforward for you to wager that cash on games like roulette. As ever, you should check the Ts and Cs to be totally sure, but we’re confident that you can use LPs and converted bonus funds on roulette games as we’ve done it ourselves.

Cryptocurrency Casino Bonuses

It may not be the first bonus that comes to mind, but many top casinos now offer cryptocurrency casino bonuses. These are, again, like welcome bonuses and redeposit/reload deals. You’ll receive crypto when you deposit, and you can use that to play a myriad of games at crypto-friendly casinos. In most cases (again, check the Ts and Cs), you can use those Bitcoin bonuses (and other cryptocurrency deals) to play roulette online without a hitch.


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