Virus-Free Solutions: Commercial Disinfectant Tips for Business Owners


At least 123 million people have so far contracted the dreaded Coronavirus globally. The virus has also claimed at least two million people. These deaths are a result of a cycle of waves that have shaken modern society’s foundations.

Businesses have also lost a great deal during the current pandemic. The impact is palpable even as thousands of them close down in the wake of the lockdowns and restrictions.

The world must grapple with this new reality. As such, businesses must also find new ways of survival. Finding virus-free solutions such as the use of commercial disinfectant for business is among the primary ways your company can stay afloat.

How do you intend to keep your employees and customers safe as businesses open up? Here are some of the surefire commercial disinfectant tips and virus-free steps every company needs to consider.

Prepare Your Business Space for Disinfection

Most business spaces have remained closed to normal operations until recently. Do you intend to open up the company for operations, albeit, at partial capacity?

The first step will be to prepare the space for commercial disinfection. With extraordinary times, you need to consider special measures.

You’ll need to alter some specific aspects of your business space. This will allow for comprehensive decontamination of the entire area. You’ll also need to rethink the exit and entry positions where customers and employees access the premises.

You may also need to re-evaluate the payment systems to minimize the risk of re-contamination due to contact with physical cash. Once you commence the process of commercial sanitization, you want to have friendly systems in place. Unless you prepare your space in advance, achieving maximum safety may be a tall order.

Replace Hard-to-Clean Surfaces

Once you have established a procedure for the commercial disinfection process, the next step should be to consider friendly surfaces to operate on during this season. You could start by replacing hard-to-clean tables and counters with safer options.

Most businesses now consider white solid surfaces to be a perfect alternative to the hard-to-clean tables. If your company can adjust to using other easier-to-clean surfaces, it will help make your spaces safe.

Increase Your Team of Cleaners

Building capacity is among the critical commercial disinfectant tips, every business should consider. You need to go through the process of cleaning the area more times now, more than ever before. With your current workforce, this frequent cleaning may be hard to keep up with if the building space is huge.

Even if it means outsourcing the services to a third party, you’ll need to up your game to manage the cleaning process. Additional hands will come in handy during this period.

Consider Advanced Disinfection Approaches

Human hands can only do as much when it comes to keeping the building safe. The cleaners may not be able to guarantee you maximum disinfection of every corner in your business. This informs the role of technology in the process of cleaning your commercial space.

The use of electrostatic disinfection is among the modern techniques in the process of fumigation. Are you wondering what is electrostatic cleaning? This is a cleaning method that uses a specialized spray device to ensure every part of the building is disinfected.

Combining your other commercial disinfectant procedures with an electrostatic cleaning process will help you get the best results.

Create a Disinfecting Procedure for Your Clients and Employees

It’s not enough to have clean and disinfected services in your business. You also need to have adequate sanitation points for every person who walks into that space. It’s essential to have more than one functional center where everyone walking in will also undergo screening.

The procedure is vital towards keeping the entire space clean and safe. It will also help to have such centers in areas that have the risk of high-touch. Further, create awareness among your employees on the importance of sanitizing to avoid re-contamination of the surfaces.

Follow Best Practices

One of the leading commercial disinfectant tips your business must focus on is adherence to the set CDC rules. First, every employee and client gaining access to your business premises must wear masks and gloves where necessary. This is more so for the team of cleaners entrusted with cleaning the surfaces.

Other general practices such as regularly washing of hands should also be part of your culture. This will also ensure that all the sanitized spaces remain safe for other users in the room.

Understand the Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is the failure to train their staff on the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning means getting rid of the dirt and any impurities from the spaces.

Cleaning can’t minimize the number of germs on the surface. You need to disinfect the surfaces to help you minimize the risk of the spread of COVID.

When disinfecting the surface, the attention should be more on managing any infections. The focus should also be on using EPA-registered disinfectants to ensure maximum results. It would also help to ensure that your staff has the right gear when disinfecting the surfaces.

Set Specific Policies in the Work Place

During this season, absenteeism among employees should be tolerable in cases where the employee is ill. Don’t allow sick staff to mingle with others in the workplace. This is among the standard policies that must be instilled in your business.

You might have all the necessary measures for disinfecting the entire business in place, However, if sick employees keep touching such surfaces, the chances are that the use of industrial disinfectants will be in vain. All the sick employees must remain at home regardless of the level of severity of the condition.

Pay Attention to Commonly Visited Spaces

You must accord specific points within the business more attention. Apart from counters and tables, there are other spaces in the business premises that might be hotspots for infections. As such, knowing such specific spots will also help keep the business well-sanitized.

Such spots include light switches and doorknobs. These spots may be more susceptible to frequent contact by your employees or clients. Unless you ensure regular disinfection, you might expose the organization to the virus.

Other spots such as faucet handles, handrails, and refrigerators also play the role of super spreaders. All your staff should undergo proper training on handling such sections to avoid spreading the virus.

Decentralize the Computer Systems

Most of the computer systems in a business setting are set in a central position. As such, these computer systems may be used by multiple users as often. The first option, in this case, would be to sanitize this computer system as often as possible.

However, this approach may be difficult to sustain as long as the computers are in use at a central point. The next probable option would be to decentralize the computer system. If possible, have a separate computer or laptop and the respective accessories for each staff member.

This may be an expensive option. However, it will help to ensure that you keep the virus away. Even when using commercial-grade disinfectants to keep the spaces clean, you also need to take other preventive measures.

Keep Track of Linens

This makes more sense in organizations that have uniforms for staff. Linen is among the common carriers of the Coronavirus. The WHO estimates that while the virus doesn’t last for long on clothes as it does on hard surfaces, there’s still a significant risk of linens posing a danger in the business setting.

Does your organization have multiple linens in the form of uniforms or other fabrics? Then it would help to step up the disinfection of such linens. One of the easiest ways of keeping the clothes safe from the virus is to clean them above the normal temperature range.

You may also use commercial-grade disinfectant on table covers and other linen-made items as often as possible.

The good thing about commercial disinfectant spray is that it can also be used to spray specific areas, including linens such as curtains. The approach helps keep the entire space safe and disinfected. Sometimes, such items in the business tend to be overlooked.

These Commercial Disinfectant Tips Will Help Keep Your Business Safe

The spread of the Coronavirus has sent shock waves in the business environment. Today, most businesses are operating at half capacity, while some are still considering a resumption plan. Without proper commercial disinfecting services, your business may succumb to the safety hazards posed by the Coronavirus.

Are you wondering what commercial disinfectant tips you can consider as you work towards safeguarding your business? These 11 tips will help to keep everyone in the organization safe.

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