How Can Regular Cleaning Prolong Your Furnace’s Lifespan


Winters in Toronto can be frigid around Christmas and New Year. The weather starts turning cold around mid-October, and temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit have been recorded in the first weeks of December. You need your furnace at full working capacity at this time of the year. While you can always do some regular maintenance yourself, it is ideal to call up professionals like for your annual cleaning. Your home is likely to be full of family members and guests during the holiday season, and you do not want your furnace breaking down in the middle of the celebration.

With thorough cleaning, you will also ensure that your furnace works through its entire lifespan, giving you full value for your money. Here is how you can prolong your furnace’s life with regular cleaning.

1Checking Functional Issues

Most of the time, we do not notice issues with our furnace because our eyes are not attuned to picking up details that might lead to significant future problems. When you call in professionals for cleaning, they have an overall look into the furnace while they clean out every bit of it and any faults in the system quickly catch their eyes. Nipping the problem in the bud will save you costly repairs later if there is a massive breakdown in any of the parts.

2Runs at Full Capacity

With regular professional cleaning, you can ensure that your furnace runs at its peak capacity during the cold Canadian winters. Daytime temperatures in Toronto during Christmas and New Year can be pleasant, but they can quickly dip below 7 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

The cold bursts can continue till February so that you will need your furnace running at full capacity for at least three months at a stretch. It would help if you cleaned your furnace regularly to remove any build-up that might prevent the furnace from running and full capacity.

3Less Pressure on the Motor

With regular cleaning, you will prevent your furnace motor from having to bear any extra load. The motor is the heart of the furnace and also the costliest component to replace. It is a good idea to clean the motor before the winter, once to clean up any dirt on the blower motor, and once at the end of the season.

If your motor has to work hard, all the related components like the heat exchanger, the switches, and the ignition system have to work double. A dirty filter can also reduce the amount of clean air flowing over the heat exchanger, and that pressurizes your furnace to run for more extended periods as the room takes longer to heat up.

If the heat exchanger is not cleaned correctly, the dirt creates insulation, and the air does warm up as fast it should. It results in increased electricity bills and longer running time, reducing the lifespan of your furnace.

4Safety First

Cleaning your furnace regularly will mean any flaw or fault with the electrical system will quickly catch your notice. When professionals clean out the furnace, they will also look at the gas system and the wiring.

Carbon monoxide leaking into your room because of an old and cracked heat exchanger can be very harmful to your family’s health, as can be faulty wiring that can cause a fire. You might not even be aware of the issues, but a professional will bring it to your notice.

5A Valid Warranty

Once your furnace’s warranty is over, you have to pay for any faults in the furnace out of your pockets. Most manufacturers stress that you should follow regular cleaning routines to avoid unnecessary repairs and breakdowns.

When you follow these instructions, you qualify for an extended warranty if your furnace is in good shape, and that can save you a lot of money in the long run. An annual furnace clean-up and check with a professional cleaning service in Toronto like is all you need.

Winters in Toronto easily cross the freezing point. You do not want to end up with a broken furnace in the middle of the night with the streets of Toronto covered in a foot of snow. A furnace can easily last for about twenty to twenty-five years with good cleaning and maintenance. With some extra attention to your furnace during the winter months, not only will you secure your family’s health and comfort during the cold months, but you will also make sure that your investment continues to give you lasting service.


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