How To Choose The Right Personal Alarm System?


Individuals wanting to live independently and feel safe in their own homes rely on SureSafe Alarms for their personal safety. Their loved ones know that with the telecare equipment their loved ones are safe 24/7 with a variety of different alarm systems.

With a wide range of alarms to suit every circumstance that may happen when a person is alone, you or your loved one can live in your own home. SureSafe has alarms that will detect a fall automatically, mobile alarms, and talking pendants. We have a great team of Independent Living Specialists that can help you pick out the perfect personal alarm system that suits your situation and needs.

The SureSafeGo 2 Anywhere Alarm

This all in one alarm has the best features for the elderly. It can be used in the home or while they are out and about visiting, shopping or just taking a nice walk.

In an emergency, a family member, friend or a neighbor can be contacted in an instant. When the person needs helps it has GPS to locate the person and Google Maps to link help to find your location.

The talking pendant will allow the person to talk and listen right from the pendant itself. It has a fall detection sensor that will detect when the individual has fallen and will call for help. The unit is ready to use right out of the box. It has a SureSafe Mobile SIM card that makes the unit ready to go.

TalkSafe 24/7 Connect Alarm Service

This is a Talking Pendant that is a landline based 24/7 alarm service that is monitored. The person has the ability to talk through the pendant to get help instantly. No matter where the person is in the home or garden, they can talk to a monitor and get help sent out to them immediately.

The individual will have an ambulance called for in seconds and not have to wait hours for help. This gives the person a better chance to recover fully.

You or your loved one would not have to wait for a designated family member or friend to get the help you need. The TalkSafe 24/7 will give everyone peace of mind knowing that help is so close by at any time day or night.

Fall Detection Alarms

SureSafe has a range of alarms that have automatic fall detection included. When a person suddenly does not feel well or has a fall, they are not always able to push a button to get help. Some people lose consciousness in a fall and can not get up. A person that has a stroke would be in this situation. SureSafe fall detectors make that call for you to get you the help you need.

Friends and Family Alarms

The Friends and Family’ alarms are set up to contact a family member, friend or neighbor in case the person has an emergency. You or your loved one would only need to press the alarm button. The alarm would then call the person you have chosen to be called in an emergency.

You would need a landline telephone line in your home. You or your loved one would be able to have this feature in a neck pendant alarm or a wristband alarm. People using this device feel more independent and safer in their own homes.

No Landline Alarms

SureSafe also has friends and family alarms that do not have to have a telephone landline. SureSafe has a no landline alarm for the elderly that use mobile system technology. This is a great personal alarm system for homes without a telephone landline. You can still have all the protection needed in your home, apartment or anywhere you go with mobile alarms.

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