How to Choose the Best Austin Personal Injury Attorney: 12 Key Qualities to Look For


Are you looking for the best Austin personal injury attorney for your case? Having a professional by your side while you are litigating your case is a great way to ease the stress from dealing with a personal injury.

Whether you were in a car accident, experienced a slip and fall at work, used a defective product, or had some other injury, experiencing a personal injury can be stressful and painful. Not only are you dealing with the emotional aftermath of your accident, but you also are dealing with physical pain.

For this reason, hiring a great Austin personal injury attorney is key when you have experienced a personal injury.

However, all personal injury lawyers are not created equally. Hire the right attorney and you can reduce your stress and have a favorable result for your case. But, if you hire the wrong attorney, you can waste time and money litigating a case only to lose and get nothing for your trouble.

Fortunately, hiring the right attorney can be as easy as looking for a few qualities. If you are looking for a great personal attorney lawyer but aren’t sure where to start, here are the qualities to look for.

1Effective Communication Skills

One of the best qualities a personal injury lawyer can have is effective communication skills. Every part of trying or settling a case involves communication, with you, with witnesses, with the other side, and even with the judge and jury. Make sure the attorney you choose has excellent communication skills.

2Project Management

A great quality to look for in a personal injury attorney is project management skills. The average personal injury case has several moving parts and managing them all can be time-consuming. Ask about your potential lawyer’s experience to determine if they can effectively manage your case.


Accountability is essential for every aspect of life, including working as a lawyer. When you hire someone accountable, you are hiring a lawyer who takes their commitment to you and your case seriously. If your lawyer is not accountable, you are likely in for a poor result.

4Compassion and Empathy

Two qualities your need in a personal injury lawyer in Austin are compassion and empathy. Experiencing a personal injury is a traumatic experience and going through the legal process will only add to your stress. Working with a lawyer who has compassion and empathy can help ease the stress you feel when you are dealing with your case.

5Negotiation Skills

One of the most important qualities to have as a lawyer is negotiation skills. Most personal injury cases result in a settlement, meaning your lawyer’s negotiation skills can determine how good your result is. If you need a personal injury attorney with negotiation skills, click here for more helpful info.


While the law is set in stone, the way your lawyer has to try a case is not. For this reason, choosing a lawyer who is a creative thinker can be a great advantage for you and your case. Look for a lawyer who is innovative and can provide you with creative representation.


A great tip for how to choose a personal injury lawyer is to look for someone responsive. This is essential, to make sure your lawyer is accountable as well as to ease the stress of handling your case. Responsiveness can create a great relationship between you and your lawyer, which will make the entire process easier.


Hiring a lawyer with confidence is one of the best decisions you can make. A confident lawyer will not let the other side tell them what to do and they will go after a great result without hesitation. When looking for a lawyer, make sure you are hiring a confident one.

9People Skills

All the best lawyers have the people skills necessary to win cases, negotiate, or more. This is an essential skill, one that can increase your chances of getting a great result. During the consultation and other interactions, make sure the lawyer you are considering has people skills.


Is your lawyer relentless? If not, you might need to make another choice. Hiring someone who is relentless gives you the peace of mind that your lawyer will do all they can to help you win your case. Ask about your lawyer’s track record to see how relentlessly they go after the win.

11Analytical Skills

One of the best qualities a lawyer can have is analytic skills. You need someone who can see all sides of the situation and look for solutions that are right for you and your case. By hiring someone with analytic skills, you will hire a lawyer who can respond to surprising situations as well as take in all of the information and use it effectively.

12Listening Skills

Just like people skills, you need a lawyer who has great listening skills. You want someone who considers your point of view and listens to you instead of talking over you or being dismissive.

You can test your lawyer’s listening skills before you sign on the dotted line. Make sure to schedule a consultation and keep this quality in mind during every interaction with each potential lawyer.

These Are the Qualities to Look For in Your Austin Personal Injury Attorney

By looking for these qualities, you can hire the best Austin personal injury attorney for your case.

Start by looking for an attorney who can manage your case and communicate with empathy and compassion. You should also look for someone with analytical, listening, and negotiation skills. Make sure the lawyer you choose is responsive, creative, and relentless.

Look for these qualities and you’ll be well on your way to hiring a great lawyer.

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