When Injuries Happen: 3 Things That Can Complicate Any Auto Accident Case


Car accidents are a common occurrence and statistically likely events at some point in your life. Forbes reports that the average driver files an insurance claim once very 17.9 years as the result of the 10 million car accidents that occur annually.

Delayed Injuries

Delayed injuries can make it difficult for an attorney to accurately present your case and get the money you deserve. That’s why it is important to never leave out any details when you talk to a doctor after the accident.

The appearance of injuries days or weeks after the actual event occurs does happen in some cases. Some symptoms that can occur days later are headaches, back pain, numbness, PTSD, neck pain, and shoulder pain. While many of these symptoms will go away in a few short days, some may indicate more serious conditions.

A headache that won’t go away or that develops a few days after the accident can be symptomatic of a blood clot or a concussion. It can also point to a head or neck injury.

Whiplash is another common health problem that often results from a rear end collision. This type of injury can be serious requiring certain diagnostic tests. X-rays and CT scans are often conducted. Numbness in the hands or arms can indicate whiplash injuries.

Abdominal pain or bloating should not be ignored and can be consistent with serious health conditions. This could be symptomatic of internal bleeding. What makes this so dangerous is that internal bleeding can be an emergency or fatal if not discovered and treated.

Don’t ignore mental problems. PTSD victims may be embarrassed to bring up nightmares or disturbing memories. Flashbacks can be particularly upsetting. Treatment can expensive.

Incomplete Medical Reports

An automobile accident attorney has their hands full trying to make insurance companies pay up as promised. An insurance professional’s job is to minimize the amount of money paid out in claims. At cross purposes, a personal injury attorney must negotiate with the insurance company to come up with a fair settlements or go to court to force the company to pay what they owe according to the terms of their client’s policy.

As mentioned above, many medical conditions can develop later rather than earlier. If you go to see a medical professional, it is crucial that you don’t leave out any details, even if they seem miniscule or unimportant. It will be difficult to change a medical report once it has been completed.

Settling Your Claim Too Early

It is to your advantage to wait to settle until it is apparent what all of your physical injuries are. A good attorney knows this and will understand how to negotiate your claim to get you the most money possible. One of the pieces of advice that attorneys give new clients is not to settle with the insurance company when they make that first offer.

One of the strategies that claims’ personnel use is to try and settle quickly before a lawyer is hired. Their first offer will likely be lower than it should be. Insurance professionals hope that by waving a check in front of you that you will jump at it.


If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident, be sure to find an experienced attorney to work on your behalf. It is to your advantage to be very detailed about all the aches and pains your are experiencing, no matter how small. Don’t leave out mental problems either since they can be expensive to treat.


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