What Is A Child Custody Lawyer?


As more and more people are getting divorced, child custody is also becoming a huge issue and is often the most difficult outcome of a divorce. As a natural outcome of a marriage, children also need to be assigned to one parent as sole custody or to both as in joint custody. This is also a very emotional process and the court is the one who assigns custody to a parent. More so that in North Carolina, the court does not favor maternal custody. The court will not automatically assign the custody to the mother but rather will weigh the capabilities of the parents to raise the child in the best possible way. For this you will need an excellent child custody lawyer in Charlotte, they will be able to ensure the best interests of your child and that you will have the most amicable custody agreement or if not will fight that you will be able to get custody.

Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most painful legal battle that any parent could go through, and sometimes it can be quite difficult especially if both parents feel that either of them should get custody. The court will decide on who gets the custody or the terms of a custody arrangement. Thus, you surely will need legal representation and you need a child custody lawyer Charlotte who have had years of experience in child custody cases and will be able to guarantee that the best custody arrangement will be set by the court.

Sole Custody

Sole custody refers to when one parent has the sole and absolute authority to make decisions for the child. The sole custody would also mean that one parent has primary physical custody of the child. The parent who has sole custody of the child will not have to consult or seek the other parent’s consent on decisions that will affect the child, say for example which school to enroll in or where to go on vacation.

Joint Custody

In a joint custody, both parents have a say on the decisions affecting their child and both will have to share in the physical custody of the children which will also be ruled by the court. This is the most common custody arrangement, and for some families do work well and has a positive impact on the children. However, some joint custody arrangements are not followed and one parent may feel that the shared custody is not a good arrangement. In order for joint custody to be successful, you need a child custody lawyer Charlotte who will make sure that joint custody will be beneficial to the children.

Visitation Rights

When a parent has sole custody of the child, the other parent is given visitation rights especially if issues like abuse, violence, or neglect is nonexistent. The schedule of visitation will also be decided on by the court which may be very structured or as flexible as agreed on by both parties. A good child custody lawyer will be able to help you navigate through the often terrifying process of child custody hearings.

Consent Order

The court however permits both parents to set the terms of custody on their own through an amicable agreement. If both parents agree to the custody arrangements drawn up by child custody lawyers then it is filed in court as a consent order. This option is likely the least stressful and will save both parents and the child the heartache of having to go through a number of child custody hearings. Child custody lawyer Charlotte have extensive experience in negotiating a custody arrangement out of court and yet respects the rights and interests of the parents and their children.


Although an out of court custody agreement is the best choice for most parents going through a divorce, the often complex and emotional situation of the divorce will lead to a long drawn out custody battle. You will need an excellent child custody lawyer Charlotte to make sure that disputes are handled effectively and that you will come to an agreement that will serve the best interests of your child. In North Carolina, the court will ask parents to go to a mediation and temporary hearings in order to decide on a temporary custody arrangement. You surely will need the best child custody lawyer for this.

Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody lawyers are family attorneys who specialize in child custody cases. They are well versed with the child custody laws in North Carolina which is vast and complex. They keep abreast with changes and amendments in custody laws or in your situation that may also change child custody rulings. Thus, a child custody lawyer would help you appeal of plead your case in order to change the custody order of the court. Nothing is more important to a parent than the welfare of their children, and for you to be able to translate this into legal terms, you surely need a child custody lawyer Charlotte.

Lawyers who Care

The issue of child custody is taken very seriously by the court of North Carolina, and it will decide only in terms of what will be the best for the child. It will take into account the ability of both parents to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for the child regardless of the wishes of the child and the parents. You will definitely want a child custody lawyer who genuinely will care about you and your child. The lawyer should be able to treat your case with dignity and respect and be at all times protective of your interests and feelings.

Child custody lawyers Charlotte are passionate about their responsibility in bringing about an amicable and acceptable agreement for both parents and the child in the issue of child custody. They have extensive experience on child custody cases and are adept at avoiding ugly custody battles and will serve to protect your child from having to experience the painful process of child custody wars.


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