The Challenges Of Relocating Your Small Business To Its First Offices


Every small business eventually grows to when it needs its own space where its workers can properly do their jobs, and necessary business activities can happen. Having an office space also reflects on your clients and the general image. The fact is that every startup business wants to have its own office space, but the reality is that relocating is not the first thing that needs to be done when you’re only starting up. This is a step that is affected by a variety of factors and requires some serious planning and organization.

Pick the right location

You need to carefully choose a proper location for your first office space, because it will have an effect on your business and clients. If you relocate into a bad neighborhood or in the middle of nowhere, things are pretty certain to spiral down. One of the important factors is knowing the demographic of your clients.

However, it’s also extremely important that you think about how your employees are going to reach the office. Busy roads and poor public transport can result in them being late and stressed out, and therefore perform their tasks less efficiently. If getting to your office is too much trouble for your clients, they might simply change their mind. The best place for an office is a populated area that isn’t overly busy. Singapore is a great place to start a new business, with an abundance of equipped workspaces to choose from in highly-sought after areas

Plan the move

It would be a great idea for you to create a Google Docs spreadsheet before moving your company, which will specifically list categories and responsibilities that every employee has during the move. Try and cover as much as possible, from basic things like coffee mugs to changing the address that is listed on your website. You should use this plan sheet as a reference for all the phases of the relocation – before, during, and after. Make sure that your office has internet and phone service even before the move, and an employee there that can serve your customers during the relocation.

Determine the right time

An advice that you will often hear is that the best time to relocate a startup business to an office space is when the business has become financially successful, and things are working out. While this may be true, it is also not all that easy. For example, there are businesses that need an office space from the very beginning, particularly if their job is to provide services, such as restaurants. With the growth of interest into what they have to offer, the need for a larger space will increase too.

If you are a business that manufactures products, you need to think big, because you need both an office space and an area for production. You may start small, but as the demand grows, you will most certainly require more space for the expanding production. When it comes to programming businesses, they might start in a basement, but as soon as they become successful, they are going to need space for meetings as well as for all the computers and technology.

Prepare the items for your new office

It’s the best idea to purchase and prepare new furniture and other items for your office before you decide it’s time to relocate. This way you can smoothly organize your new office space once you have moved into it. In order to ensure the safe transport of your items, you could decide to invest into a supercheap mobile storage which will bring everything to the doorstep of the new office while making sure that nothing gets damaged along the way.

Don’t let your business stop during the move

No matter what the location of your move is or how complicated it’s going to be, your business needs to continue working. So before you start packing your items, it would be a great idea to make a plan for partial relocation. The idea is that you keep the essential activities running, while you are moving everything else to the new location.

When it comes to construction work, make sure that it is done at night time or during the weekends, so that the noise doesn’t distract and irritate your employees. Take care of the most important things first, and leave decorating and finishing touches for later. The general idea is that moving before your office space can make room for your daily activities without interrupting their performance can harm your business.

In summation

When you are a small business, and you are planning to move into your first office space, you will come across a variety of challenges. Choosing the proper location for your business is essential. You must also properly plan your move, so that everything goes smoothly. Determine what the right time for relocation is, and make sure that your office items are safely transported to the new location. Finally, don’t allow your business activities to stop during relocation, as it may harm your business.


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