How Cedric Okiorina Travels and How You Can Do the Same


We all have the same pattern and habits when it comes to traveling abroad. Most of us have a normal job and we take a couple of weeks off each year to go on vacation somewhere away from home. Cedric Okiorina used to be one of these folks. However, this is not fulfilling especially for someone like Cedric that was born with the travel bug. When you love traveling more than anything, being bound for an entire year to have a normal life and enjoy just a couple of weeks of vacation is difficult to cope with.

The salvation for such folks comes in the form of frugality and careful planning. What Cedric Okiorina does is something that most people can achieve without having a very large income. On his blog, Cedric discussed how he manages to travel so often without having to rely on the income he generates from his website. According to Cedric, the secret is frugality and a job that allows you to take some time off for a couple of months per year. What he does is to work for the better part of a year, live frugally, save as much as possible then take a break from work and start traveling. Cedric Okiorina continues his frugal lifestyle even while traveling. He focuses on finding cheap flight deals, cheap accommodation, and stays away from crowded tourist attractions that offer overpriced food. In this way, Cedric managed to travel for months without spending a lot. It is quite impressive what you can achieve with a few hundred dollars if you are very careful about how you spend money.

Why Cedric Okiorina is so Relatable

The lifestyle that Cedric has makes him a relatable person. It also makes it easy to follow a similar lifestyle but more importantly, it shows a way for regular folks to travel more without spending more.

On his blog, Cedric spends time writing about past experiences and great places to visit. Most of the time, these places are the kind of places where locals are much more welcoming. He rarely talks about accommodation. Most of his posts are about places to eat and cities to visit. As he travels for a few months and spends the rest of the year working, his posting schedule works in cycles. There are periods in which he does not have much to post about but once he starts traveling again, there is more to read about his time abroad.

Overall, Cedric Okiorina is a pleasant read and his blog is worth following. While blogging may not be as popular as it used to be, it is still a great way to share experiences. At the same time, it is a great way for his readers to find inspiration and discover new possible destinations for their next vacation. Even if Cedric has a style of traveling that is easy to replicate by anyone following his blog, you do not have to do what he does. However, you can use Cedric Okiorina as a source of inspiration.


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