The Best Hobbies To Improve Your Mental Health


During the winter months, many individuals can suffer with what’s known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Also known as winter depression, it can leave people feeling low, lethargic, and uninterested in normal everyday activities.

Lack of daylight can lead us all to feel unhappier from time to time. This is why, in the months where sunnier days quite rare, getting as much daylight as possible is vital. In turn, this will help with our mental health.

When the sun makes an appearance, it might make you want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. It might also make you want to keep busy doing an activity. There are a number of hobbies that can help to lift a low mood, which are listed below.

Best Hobbies To Improve Your Mental Health


Gardening not only helps to keep your outdoor space in pristine condition, but it also helps you to keep healthy too. It’s a great stress reliever, provides a sense of responsibility, keeps you fit and helps to take your mind off other worries. Once you’re armed with the necessary tools – a fantastic electric strimmer, hand trowel, spade, wheelbarrow and some gloves – you’ll feel like you can achieve anything in your garden!

2Team sports

Have you ever wanted to try football, netball, rugby or hockey? If so, why not look into joining a team sport soon? Regular exercise is great for the mind and body, and the likes of basketball or cricket will teach you a number of skills, including communication and focus.


If you are creative, painting is a great outlet to express yourself. Invest in some good quality paper and paintbrushes, tuck yourself away in a separate room and paint whatever comes to your mind.


Baking has a whole host of psychological benefits. It requires a lot of attention, from focusing on different measurements, to carefully adding the finishing touches. In many cultures, food is an expression of love, and baking can really help to ease the presence of sad thoughts.


We’ve all heard the expression, ‘dance like no one is watching’. When individuals dance, it provides them with the chance to almost become a character, letting the music take over and following the beat. When you move, you feel good, and this can help to boost your mood.

Spending time on activities that you enjoy can really help to improve your mental health and wellbeing.


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