What Should You Carry With You to Your Rental Apartment?


Read the question. Now you have it looming over your head because before you booked your short-term apartment, you had checked that it already came with all the amenities. So, is it rhetoric? Not really. Your rental is sure to provide you the comfort of your home on your vacation, yet to ensure a great trip, you should bring the following with you.

  • Child safety items – If you are traveling with a kid, check if the rental is designed only to suit the tastes of adults. If it is, which is the case more often than not, carry childproof kits, child safety gates, corner protectors, cabinet locks with you so that your children cannot get access to the things not meant for their age. If your child is big enough for a crib but not yet for a bed, you can consider carrying bed rails.
  • Carry your medicines, diapers for your children, toilet papers with you. Get a toilet roll, bathing suits, shower caps, sanitary napkins, ultra-absorbent towels.
  • Kitchen essentials: Your rental might already have a spice rack, but if you plan to cook something that you prefer with certain spices, we advise that you carry those spices with you.
  • Carry a knife or two and a dishwashing scrubber with you. You never know if the knife on the photograph is as sharp as you use it, so carry a knife or two with you and dishwashing scrubbers.
  • On vacation, no drink is ever enough. So, get cases of beer, water, gallons of milk, soda, and fruit juices for kids, and bottle openers with you. Other than these, shop for fruits, snacks, portable ice cube trays, plastic bowls, plates, cups, aluminum foils, Tupperware, Ziplock bags, paper towels, tissue papers, plastic wraps, coffee and sugar sachets, coffee creamers, cereals with you because you would not want to spend your vacation washing dishes.
  • If you are a mother and about to spend the vacation with your infant, you will need to shop for baby bottles and ample baby food before traveling.
  • Clothesline– Vacation rentals like the apartments in Nashville, TN, provide washing machines and dryers, and laundry facilities to the guests. If you are traveling with a baby or family, you may not have ample space to dry all your clothes. If you have clotheslines with you, it will be useful.
  • Hooks – Along with the clotheslines, also take a couple of clips to stick on the walls. If the room does not sufficiently have it, these will be useful in hanging your dresses.
  • Remember to take your phone chargers, power banks, portable chargers, and extra adapters with you.
  • Pack a couple of laundry pods. They are portable and don’t tend to spill. It will prevent your children from getting skin rashes from their dresses.
  • Have rolls of garbage bags, plastic bags, and sandwich bags for times of need. These will effectively store snacks, toiletries, dirty clothes, make-up items, electronic goods, and wires organized.
  • You may wish to carry a Firestick, portable sound systems, toys for kids, and cards if you travel with friends.


When you have checked the apartment, look at the list of amenities the accommodation is providing. List down the ones that aren’t mentioned and check with the place’s owner via email or call and clarify all the queries you may have. Even if the owner has mentioned certain amenities, inquire about the quantity available based on how many of you will be visiting the place—plan on what you have to pack into your bag only after you have had your questions answered.


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