4 Strategies a Car Insurer May Use to Try to Weasel Themselves out of Paying a Claim


Injuries sustained in a car accident negatively impact a person’s life in a variety of ways. When the victim of this accident is denied fair compensation for his or her injuries and pain and suffering, the effects of the accident seem to multiply. However, auto insurance companies operate to make a profit and will do everything possible to avoid paying a claim or to minimize the amount the victim receives. What strategies do they use to accomplish this goal?

Friendly Phone Calls

Insurers often call victims to check on them and say they just need a better understanding of what happened. They then record this call and use any statements the victim made against him or her in court. The goal of this call is to trick the victim into saying something that is detrimental to their claim, and men and women need to know they don’t have to provide a statement. Answering simple questions about one’s well being can be damaging to the case, so it’s best to leave these calls to an attorney such as those at www.bensonbingham.com to handle.

Missing Evidence

Insurance companies may recommend clients hide evidence following an accident. For example, if the accident involves a tractor-trailer the insurer may recommend the driver’s log books disappear so they can not be used in court. Although this isn’t legal, the insurer may suggest it be done anyway and claim the book was lost or destroyed in the accident. Even in those situations where evidence isn’t hidden or destroyed, it might not be turned over to the victim for use in the case.

Delayed or Denied Payments

Another tactic insurance companies often use to avoid paying out a claim involves delaying or denying payments to a victim. They do so in hopes the victim will give up on collecting the funds and move on with life. Sadly, many victims do exactly this because they get tired of fighting and just want the case to be over. Don’t let the insurance company get away with not paying the compensation that is deserved. Hire an attorney for assistance in collecting the funds in a timely manner.

Quick Settlements

Insurance companies often try to offer a settlement to a victim immediately after an accident. This offer tends to be much lower than what the claim is actually worth, and the insurance company is counting on the victim not knowing how much he or she could receive if the case moves forward. When an insurance company offers to settle quickly, it’s a sign they are hiding something from the victim. Contact an attorney to learn more about the value of the claim and whether the settlement is fair. In some cases, it may be. In others, however, the victim isn’t being treated fairly and he or she will need to decline the settlement and move forward with a legal case to obtain adequate compensation.

Don’t hesitate to seek legal guidance if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident. Attorneys working in this field typically offer free consultations and work on a contingency basis. As a result, victims find they can obtain the information they need and move forward with a case when compensation is deserved without fear of doing more damage to their finances in the process. Furthermore, those who take this step know their rights will be protected at all times, which is the most important thing.


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