How can Call Centres Achieve High Customer Satisfaction Score?


Nowadays, companies of all sizes want to keep customers happy to ensure a long-term success. For the same reason, most of the business owners avail outsourced call centre services to render un surpassable customer service.

With the time, it is very difficult for the BPO firms to keep the CSAT score in check because expectations of customers have been increasing rapidly. However, it doesn’t mean that high customer satisfaction level cannot be achieved. Therefore, if BPO firms work on some common factors, the possibility to get enhanced CSAT score will be increased for sure.

Do you want to achieve high customer satisfaction score? Have a look at the following tips that will surely bring a smile to your face:

Empower agents to take crucial decisions

Sometimes BPO firms fail to achieve high CSAT score because they don’t allow the agents to take some crucial decisions while solving complex issues. Because of the same reason, agents have to put the customer’s call on hold to take advice from the supervisors.

This aspect not only indirectly leads to customer attrition rate but also raises questions on the effectiveness of outsourced call centre services.

To achieve high CSAT score, it is imperative for the call centres to empower the agents to take some important decisions during the customer interaction. Another benefit of giving agents more responsibility is that they will put more efforts in delivering an excellent customer service.

Speed can’t do everything

If you are an owner of a BPO firm and want to deliver superlative outsourced call centre services, it is significant for you to understand that speed can’t do everything.

Usually, BPO firms think that offering swift resolutions is the key to keep customers happy. Of course, this aspect is true but not listening to customers during the interaction can easily ruin the business’s reputation.

All in all, it is crucial for the call centres to instruct the agents to listen to customer’s questions properly for the sake of providing a better experience. Needless to say, when agents treat customers well during the interaction, the CSAT score will get increased for sure.

Try to reduce the waiting time

Do you know which aspect makes customers dissatisfied? Well, when agents put the customer’s call on hold for a long period of time. As we know that no one likes to wait to get the desired resolutions.

It is understandable that sometimes agents need more than enough time to deal with the intricate issues. But it is also significant to maintain the customer’s patience level. That’s why it is advisable for the BPO firms to tell the agents to give updates about the progress after a short period of time to customers.

Apart from that, methods like promoting self-service facility, offering call-back service, etc. can do the trick when it comes to reducing the long queues.

So, if you want to make your outsourced call centre services more demanding or achieve high CSAT score, it is very important for you to reduce the waiting time as much as possible.

Take customer feedback seriously

Well, if you are running a call centre, you already know that customer feedback always plays a vital role when it comes to improving the customer service. But some BPO firms think that they are offering the perfect services and that’s why they don’t take customer feedback seriously.

This aspect always affects the CSAT score at the later stages. This is so because if customers feel that their feedbacks are worthless for the company, they are more likely to stop giving their suggestions that could be helpful in improving the customer service.

So, it is advisable for every BPO firm to study customer feedback properly to ensure a high CSAT score.

Keep your agents happy

To render unmatched outsourced call centre services, it is imperative to keep the agents happy. This is so because agents always deal with the customer’s issues on the regular basis. There is a high possibility that agent’s productivity may get reduced due to tedious work culture and daily targets.

Furthermore, agents may resign from their respective position if the job satisfaction level keeps reducing drastically. This factor can invite unnecessary issues for the call centres.

Therefore, it is significant for the BPO firms to offer a high-class work culture, good income, incentives, etc. to keep the agents happy. Needless to mention, happy agents always handle customer’s queries up to the perfection, which, in turn, leads to a high CSAT score.

Give product-related information properly

Sometimes agents put the customer’s call on hold when it comes answering product-related questions. This fact makes the customers irked and affects the business’s productivity. That’s why BPO firms are always supposed to provide product-related information to the agents properly.

When agents have proper knowledge of products and services, they can easily deal with the complicated questions and enhance customer experience during the interaction. This not only builds the business’s reputation but also ensures a high CSAT score.


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