Buying Gold: What Is The Best Currency To Pay


Gold has always been the foundation of global wealth and for the private investor, this alluring yellow metal is a very popular form of investment. If you are looking to purchase gold bullion to add to your investment portfolio, you might be wondering which currency the gold bullion dealer will accept. With that in mind, here are some options.

US Dollar

This is the main currency that gold traders use and all gold bullion dealers would accept the US dollar. Regardless of your location, US dollars can be used to pay for gold purchases. If you are planning on exchanging other currencies for the US dollar, you might lose out on the exchange and for large purchases, the difference could be significant.

Australian Dollar

If you would like to know the best place to buy gold in Brisbane, there is a reputable bullion dealer who will accept good old Australian dollars. However, if you have foreign currency and you would like to use that to pay for gold purchase, the dealer would crunch the numbers and give you a figure; they accept most currencies and even Bitcoin can be used to pay for gold.


Bitcoin use is growing daily and most gold bullion dealers accept Bitcoin as payment. Simply take your digital device to the bullion dealer’s offices and you can make the transaction without fuss. The great thing about Bitcoin is its flexibility and regardless of the amount in US or AUS dollars, an exchange rate is calculated based on Bitcoin’s value at the time of the transaction, plus the transfer is instant. There are no bank charges, which is one of the reasons most people like to pay with Bitcoin.

If you are looking to acquire gold bullion, the best solution is to talk to the gold bullion dealer about the currencies that they accept. Of course, a gold bullion dealer is in the business of selling gold, and therefore, they will be as accommodating as they can when customers wish to pay in currencies other than the US and AUS dollars.

Why Invest In Gold?

Gold is traditionally used as a hedge against inflation and in these uncertain times we find ourselves in, many private investors are liquidating their stocks, shares and bonds to acquire gold. Markets around the world are volatile at the moment, and that makes investors anxious about leaving their wealth in some investments.

You might have a considerable amount of money in foreign currencies and would like to use that to make a gold purchase. Most reputable gold bullion dealers are very helpful when it comes to payment options and you might even be able to pay using several currencies. The best place to start if you are looking for a nearby gold bullion dealer is a Google search; this will give you the address of your nearest gold bullion dealer, and you can make an appointment to visit their offices and make your purchase.


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