Understanding How to Accept Payments in Bitcoin


The value of Bitcoin has conquered new heights. There has been the public’s maximum interest in this cryptocurrency, and it can be noticed that this interest is only going to increase with time. Big corporations have invested their money and power into Bitcoin, and it is being considered the future of our finance by the experts. This is the reason that all the bug and small enterprises across the globe have started accepting payment in the form of Bitcoin for their business transactions. If you have already started accepting payments in the form of Bitcoin, it signals that you are ahead in the game of technological development. This will attract new customers to your business and keep you away from some fraud practices.

You can thoroughly understand here how to adopt Bitcoin as your new mode of accepting payment in your business. This can be done in numerous ways; start with a sign if you consider doing so. By doing this, you can directly contact the customers who wish to pay through Bitcoin. This way, you are also raising awareness about cryptocurrencies, which will also encourage other merchants in the market to accept their payments in cryptocurrency as well.  You can know more about this through a Bitcoin Billionaire.

Proving your wallet address

If the number of your customers who are bitcoin users is less, you can ask them to directly transfer the payment amount to your account by providing them your wallet address. This will require you to create a Bitcoin wallet firstly. There are various bitcoin exchanges that are working on how to provide separate wallet services and separate wallet platforms to their customers. First of all, you have to register for an exchange, get yourself a wallet and its address; this address will be your public key, and you’ll also get a private key. It would be best if you kept this private key a secret to yourself, and you will need this to sign in for your transactions.  You also need to provide your bank account details for the wallet so that you can convert your cryptocurrency into the specified fiat currency, and the amount will be directly transferred to your bank account.

Suppose it becomes easier for you as a customer if you get your wallet address from the exchange in a QR Code. It will become much simpler as they will scan the code, you will provide your private key details, and you will be signed into the wallet, and then the bitcoin amount will be added to your wallet. Bitcoin is well known for its volatility. Therefore, it becomes important for you first to verify the exchange rate through the exchanges before you carry out any transaction.

Screen Applications

Various software developers are coming up with the latest touchscreen apps for streamlining the payments through Bitcoins for businesses. These apps will work similarly to those conducting transactions that online wallets make. The business merchant will be required to connect the address of their wallet to the app and add the amount required in a fiat currency in order to generate a QR Code for the enterprise or business. This will provide the merchant will an address and funds that are needed to be provided to BTC. After this is done, the customer will just be required to scan the merchant’s QR Code through their mobile app for Bitcoin wallet and then enter the amount that is to be transferred and proceed with it. These services are provided by all the latest smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Through Hardware Terminals (Point of Sale)

As Bitcoin has been recognized as a viable payment mode, this has led to the creation of the most specific point-of-sale hardware solutions in the market.  These are available in the form of payment terminals that are already specific to bitcoins as well as the emerging APIs that are oriented to bitcoin; you can integrate them into already existing terminals of point of sale hardware.  There are terminals available that scan the debit cards that are based on bitcoins, and then they can be used as Bitcoin ATMs. There is a range of POS terminals and solutions that are offered by companies today.


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