Why Should You Buy Mattresses for Your Home Online?


Buying a new mattress is a big deal. After all, we spend a third of our life sleeping.

But don’t you find the idea of going to the mattress store a bit annoying?

With plenty of brands selling mattresses online, there’s really no need to bother leaving home.

Still skeptical? This article will show you why you should buy mattresses for your home online and will lead you on your way to your first purchase.

What Do You Need to Know About Online Shopping for a Mattress?

Most online mattress companies will do everything to make your shopping experience great. But different people have different definitions of great shopping experience. Therefore, let’s just see the reasons why buying a mattress online can be much nicer than a day spent at a store.

It’s a Lot Easier

Remember your usual shopping.

You go to one store and spend there a couple of hours. Then you go to another store and the model you’re looking for appears to be out of stock. In the end, you return to the first store and have to wade through the salesmen again.

It’s easy to run out of patience in this case.

But it’s different with online shopping:

  • you can familiarize yourself with options on the market at your own pace;
  • you can research the reviews and learn the opinions of people who have already tried the product;
  • you can study the materials and their properties more thoroughly and find the mattress that is best for you.

“Yes, online shopping requires you to research things yourself, compared to relying on what a salesperson recommends. But at the same time, it’s so easy to do this in the comfort of your home.”

Mattresses in Online Stores Are Cheaper

The price of a mattress at a brick-and-mortar store can be made up of many factors, including:

  • lease;
  • store maintenance expenses;
  • store staff salary.

Online brands, don’t have those expenses, as the orders are delivered right to your door.

Thus, you can save from 25 to 50% of the price by buying a mattress online.

And you can reduce it even more if you:

  • register at the website before making the first order;
  • subscribe to the company’s newsletter with their deals and discounts;
  • use affiliate promo codes.

If you’re having trouble finding a mattress offering good value for money, check out mattresses available online recommended by Happysleepyhead.

Salesmen Won’t Bother You Anymore

Yes, sometimes these people may be helpful.

But in most cases, to sell you a product and close the deal is their first priority.

Therefore, you may often feel pushed to make a fast decision. And fast decisions aren’t helpful when you choose a mattress for the nearest decade.

Also, it’s usually impossible to obtain objective information from the salesperson, as they will likely hide it behind the marketing tricks and gimmicks.

No, thank you.

Instead, read reviews on Amazon and similar websites. The main secret here is to choose reviewers with requests and expectations similar to yours. Thus, you will increase your chances of getting a mattress that will benefit your body.

Wider Choice

Usually, retail stores display only the latest mattress models or best-sellers.

But what if mattresses in both of these categories do not appeal to you?

Go to the online store!

Today there are two types of websites where you can choose a mattress for yourself:

  • one-brand websites focused on selling only their product;
  • multi-brand stores that display mattresses of several brands at once.

Each one is good in its own way. At a brand store, you can get all the information firsthand and enjoy a more personal shopping experience, while multi-brand stores provide an opportunity to find discounted models, which is an excellent chance to buy a good mattress for a reasonable price.

Longer Trials for Happy Nights

Now, despite all these pleasant moments, online shopping is lacking one crucial detail:

In most cases, you can not try a bed before you buy.

This may scare many people away because your individual comfort is more important than other people’s reviews.

But here’s the good news:

Most online sellers offer a long sleep trial (sometimes up to 365 days, compared to 30 days offered at a brick-and-mortar store). Also, the return policy is hassle-free — that is, they can take your mattress back without charging you any fees.

“Online companies can often help you with old mattress disposal and cleaning the debris after unboxing the new bed. These services may require additional fees, though.”

Some companies also have showrooms where you can directly test the mattress before purchasing. So, if you are a traditional shopping person, this can be the best-of-both-worlds option for you.


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